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We, the American people, are being led like a bunch of sheep to be sheared and it seems as though there is nothing we can do about it.

Think about it — the powers that be seem to think that we would be better off as a socialist, European nation with most of our rights taken away from us. They would love to have us totally dependent upon them for everything that is important to us. Things such as: our food (USDA), education (NEA), our money (Federal Reserve), our banks (FDIC), health care (ACA), etc.

The sad part of it is that they do a horrible job at supervision and they overspend with little or no care. We're watching our beloved, proud, powerful and free nation dismantled from within and turned into a welfare state and very few people seem to care.

One thing we need to realize is that such a system — socialism — would be anti-Christian. Christians make our nation strong and good because of our faith in God. — Gordon DeVos, Medford

Climate change threatens the livability of our planet for future generations. It is driven by gas emissions resulting from human activities. About this there is no doubt except what is concocted by fossil fuel corporations.

There are two ways to reduce the threat posed by our activities. One involves reducing emissions such as carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels. The other is to capture and store the carbon dioxide already in our atmosphere.

Natural biological systems are excellent at trapping carbon dioxide and storing it in living material. The Western United States contains some of the most productive forests in the world. This means the region can continue to serve as a sink for carbon dioxide — but only if we maintain healthy, productive forests.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, 29 percent of the land area of the Western states is forest, comprising fully 69 percent of the region's carbon store. Carbon storage in our mountain and coastal forests is above average for the region. This is where the O&C forests are located.

Take climate change seriously. The top priority for these forests must be maintaining their health and promoting their carbon storage capability. — Julia Maria Rodriguez, Ashland

Who pulled the 49ers TV game and replaced it with the Seahawks? The Hawks were favored by 11 and won by 18. How does that make an exciting game?

The Hawks may have a self-esteem problem, since not many fans watch outside of Seattle, but they are going to have plenty of time to show off in the playoffs and the Super Bowl (yes, they are good). Here in Southern Oregon, 49ers fans outnumber the Seahawks 10 to 1. TV stations should take note.

The sports bar had 150 fans watching the 49ers. Your advertisers should know that these fans were not watching your channel. Think that one through next time. — Charles Jaeger, Rogue River