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I wish to thank Lindsay Paulk for his recent letter highlighting the vast difference between conservatives and liberals. Mr. Paulk complains that the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has "allowed" the tea party faction to engage in scandalous behavior and hateful and racist rhetoric, blah, blah.

Democrats blindly play "follow the leader," marching in lockstep in the asphyxiating embrace of ideological conformity, never considering or questioning the president's motives, abilities and inexperience, and, while caught up in the emotional moment, ignore the "unintended consequences" of his actions and accept every telepromptered word as truth.

The president has promised to "fundamentally transform" the country. He has so far:

  • Increased Medicaid enrollments and changed the law, illegally, 20 times for political expediency; that law will cause rationing of health care services because doctors are refusing to participate in Medicaid.
  • Supported the largest tax increase in history ($600 billion) beginning January.
  • Seized 15 percent of the economy turning it over to inexperienced bureaucrats and a fully-politicized IRS.
  • Increased the deficit spending by $7 trillion adding substantially to the multigenerational debt.

The tea party conservatives, seeing the crisis, are standing up and independently yelling "stop the madness!"

How is that racist? Examples, please. — Dennis V. Sinclair, Medford

If you get a chance, read Michael Steely's Dec. 9 letter in the Mail Tribune titled "From sublime to ridiculous." He refers to our previous health care insurance system as "rationing health care based on income."

You can keep your doctor under Obamacare if you can afford to pay for him or her. You can get your life-saving medications if they are listed, and if you can afford to pay for them. How is this not rationing, and how is this not based on income?

Everyone is feeling the devastating effects of Obamacare. Millions lost their plans. Income plays a role in who gets a subsidy. Our country is declining at home and throughout the world due to Obama's power grabs and arrogance. The GOP believes in letting the people guide this country. Personal responsibility and individual decision-making are at the core of capitalism, the constitution and prosperity.

Historians will look back and say that the GOP, through its tenacity about stopping Obamacare, pulled America from the brink of disaster.

The true obstructionists are the ones in charge, Democrats and low-informed voters keeping them in power. Learn the truth! — Carol Jorczak, Grants Pass

We Americans have a strange dysfunction. Any problem to be solved, we take it apart, divide it up and fight over it. This keeps everyone going, people take sides and it becomes a we-and-they issue.

A perfect example are the talks that the teachers union is having for pay raises and benefits. Now the dialogue is becoming: "Teachers work hard; support teachers." As if anyone could possibly be against a teacher. It is a given that they have a great value to society.

The real bottom line conversation should be about the fact that American workers as a whole are suffering. As cost of living goes up, income levels are stagnating, and governments have run out of money to offer more.

As a small-business owner, we have struggled along with everyone else, as our income is lower and all of our operating expenses have gone up. We can't raise our prices because people will just go somewhere else. We are all in the same basket with the economy. If we could stop getting sidetracked with the drama, and dividing everyone up, we could all work on helping each other tackle this problem. — Kathie Lambie, Medford