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While correlation is not causation, I wonder how many of the Rogue River Mobile Estates residents (MT Jan. 6), suffering from Jackson County's driest year on record, believe in climate change.

Carol Boettcher is incorrect that there is nothing to be done but wait for rain. This country could phase out our high-carbon energy diet and work toward a renewable energy future. Of course, that would take the participation of RRME residents. — Derek Volkart, Talent

The plan to constrict traffic on a perfectly safe, workable and currently bicycle-friendly highway with the Bear Creek bikeway adjacent is, of course, ludicrous.

As a principal opponent of the Ashland scheme, however, I have become convinced that the bureaucrats will have their way: in the case of Ashland, the director of public works, a bicyclist who lives in Phoenix; with the 99 corridor, a Salem ODOT functionary. After many letters in all local media, full-page advocacy entreaties, meetings with the mayor, Public Works, etc., all concerns by North Main residents were ignored.

Southern Oregon citizens seem enthralled by the "multi-modal" ODOT doctrine. Makes no sense to me. As a bicyclist, the weather here makes riding unpleasant if not impossible six to seven months a year. There are virtually no bicyclists in the new Ashland "road diet" lanes at any time of year.

It seems that people in Southern Oregon think they are progressive, but are just passive in the face of irrational government imposition of the latest "environmental" doctrine. The charm of North Main is gone. I will not frequent 99 corridor businesses when the traffic is constricted. I will use the freeway to go to Medford instead. — G. Lockie, Ashland

Gale F. Trapp and M. Newby's two letters Wednesday, Jan. 1, reflect the American public's displeasure, dislike and contempt toward both Congress critters and state legislators, which I also share!

The key word here is "extortion," defined as: "The practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force, coercion and threats (shakedowns)." Democrats and Republicans alike stand guilty of extortion. Also, being deceitful, crooked, immoral, socialist and treasonous!

Peter Shweizer's latest book, "Extortion," (2013) depicts "how politicians extract your money, buy votes and line their own pockets." See YouTube to learn more.

Washington, D.C., through Congress especially, utilizes extortion tactics against states to pass unconstitutional "LBJ/KGB" style legislation: seat belt and helmet laws, gun control (the anti-gun agenda), Obamacare, plus considerably more oppressive laws! At News With Views (www.newswithviews.com) Devvy Kidd rightly lowers the boom on these elected crooks, socialists and extortionists. As does Sheriff R. Schwiesow in his Dec. 15, 2013 commentary: "The Other Side of Corrupt leadership Lies Desolation."

Meanwhile the Constitution Party of Oregon (www.constitutionpartyoregon.net) continues to lead the moral high ground. — James A. Farmer, Ashland