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"Delay of justice is injustice." Those words — spoken by Walter S. Landor more than 150 years ago, were as true then as they are now.

How much is enough? How many times will heartless humans be allowed to keep inflicting pain and suffering on the helpless?

In September of last year, the Kandi Crow animal hoarding case was brought to everyone's attention. Such were the atrocities that the story was even featured in Dogtrekker.

This isn't new: Since 2006, there have been more than 20 complaints and in 2009, Crow was even sentenced to 10 days in jail for first-degree animal abuse. When she was once again charged with animal abuse last year, we believed that justice would finally prevail.

One would think that with this being called the "worst case of animal abuse seen in the county" along with Ms. Crow failing to appear for her court date, she would get a fitting sentence. However, she received only 40 days home detention. Forty days at home — since when is that a punishment?

Then, last month dead animals were reported;y found on her property — again. True, Mr. Landor ... delayed justice is the same as no justice at all. — Louise Garner, White City

Our local charity, Books for Kigutu, would like to thank the staff, students and families of Eagle Rock Elementary School in Eagle Point. Just before Christmas, we were included in their days of giving. As a result, more than 600 books (many preschool board books) were donated to us and will be hand-carried to a small school in Burundi, East Africa.

Burundi is the smallest African country and also one of the world's poorest regions. Books for Kigutu is in partnership with the Village Health Works medical clinic in Kigutu, Burundi, and books are shipped to New York City and then hand-delivered by medical volunteers. The organization was founded in 2011 by Katherine Leppek, a former Eagle Rock teacher. For more information, please contact www.booksforkigutu.com.

We would especially like to thank Eagle Rock teacher Andrea Southmayd for organizing this event. Several other local charities benefited as well. — Katherine Leppek, Medford

Normally I wouldn't respond to a letter to the editor, but I totally disagree with the "Bad call" letter from Rogue River complaining about the Seahawks game being on TV rather then the 49ers. I moved to Medford six years ago from Seattle. I don't expect everyone to be a huge Seahawk fan like I am, but I also don't see that many 49ers fans either. I have been disappointed that Charter usually has the 49ers on rather then the Seahawks. Oregon is in between Washington and California and should not favor either team. — C. Barry, Medford