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Recently, Representative Dennis Richardson commented that if Cover Oregon were a business we would cut our losses and shut it down.

Apparently Mr. Richardson doesn't understand the inherent difference between running a business for profit and running a government for the benefit of its citizens. Cover Oregon, the program, is alive and well and ready to provide quality care to its members — its website is an expensive mess that is being fixed. — David Lane, Ashland

This is in reference to the letter sent in by Chuck Jaeger regarding the Seahawks game that was televised in place of a Forty-Niners' game.

First off, I don't believe he knows the ratio of Seahawks fans to San Francisco Forty-Whiners fans in the valley; secondly, he has no idea what arrangements were made between the network and the advertisers; thirdly, I would imagine that the sports bar owners were absolutely delighted to have so many people in their places of business.

I have been a Seattle Seahawks fan since 1976, and it is past time for us to finally get some recognition, and yes, we are that good! We do not have a self-esteem problem, never have, never will, sounds more like the Whiners do. If you are going to make statements such as those that were made, I suggest some research would be in order before sounding off. — Karen Grey, Medford

It is time to stop cherry-picking marijuana use as the premier crime/fault/sin of someone facing a variety of criminal charges. I refer to the unfortunate word choice of "Suspect steeped in pot culture."

The article describes a man who is accused of a multitude of crimes, including rape. Why does the Mail Tribune choose to lead the story with the involvement of the accused in marijuana? Have we gotten to the point where criminalizing marijuana will sell more papers than a rapist?

The suspect's involvement with marijuana appears to be just one of a number of choices he made. Most of those choices appear to have been bad ones, always presuming that there is truth behind the allegations. Rape and sodomy are far worse choices than marijuana.

Given your druthers, would you rather smoke marijuana or be raped?

Given your answer, why is this story being presented as a marijuana story? It does not make sense to lead a sensational story with a minor detail, yet this is precisely what the Mail Tribune has done. There is a reefer madness agenda here that is outdated, futile, and misleading. For shame. — Melanie Barniskis, Phoenix

I believe a democracy desires an open process of debate and decision-making regarding important legislation.

I am opposed to the proposed fast track handling of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement without a full discussion of its contents. I also am concerned that none of our three congressional members — Rep. Greg Walden, Sen. Ron Wyden and Sen. Jeff Merkley — have taken a position on this fast tracking proposal. Let's give democracy a chance to work, please. — Jim Stumbo, Jacksonville