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Phil Long states he could hire "14 fairly new teachers" for $1 million. While the intent of reducing class size and getting a smaller ratio of teachers to students is certainly a cause that everyone can support, there is a problem.

Let's take a look. In Japan, teachers are not considered qualified until they do an eight- to 10-year apprenticeship. Yet here, the district wants to hire inexperienced, novice teachers for not a great deal more than a Walmart worker. (Walmart employees' median salary is $28,000).

Great teaching, like any profession, takes years to hone. When we are sick with a critical illness, we choose a surgeon with years of experience, not the novice just out of med school.

Do we not value education here above all else? In suburban New York, districts routinely pay teachers over $100,000. Parents there demand quality teachers, and the districts know they have to pay an attractive professional wage in order to attract the best.

Yes, times are changing and pensions are disappearing and so on. However, holding education as the ticket to a better life, better community, and priceless investment of our tax dollars is non-negotiable. Medford, do the right thing. Honor your teachers. — Mary Noble, Ashland

If you are a responsible owner and you respect, care for, and train your dog, you will have a friend for life. Treat it as another accessory, ignore it, and misuse or abuse it, and you will have a liability. No matter the breed.

Let's see the science that proves their jaws lock (there is none) and let's see the science there is an "aggressive gene" in their body (no aggressive genetics have ever been discovered). Until then it is 100 percent owner responsibility. You can make any dog aggressive.

You are comparing the statistics of single dog breeds (such as Labradors) to the statistics of "pit bull-type breeds." This "pit bull-type breed" encompasses 25 different breeds of dogs! These combined stats are going to outweigh the statistics of any single type of breed.

This is unfair and biased to the breeds. This type of reporting only contributes to stereotypes and myths. It's easier to point fingers at the breed than it is at the owners.

Let's fight for the dogs' rights and fight against those who mistreat, miscare, and abuse their "pit bull-type breeds." — Kristen Hayes, Eagle Point

Shame on Ellie McKeon. She appears to "vehemently oppose" cyclists.

Why isn't it possible to share the road with cyclists? I know many people who use their bikes for transportation to work and also for recreation. Why should we be pushed off the road just because she might take a few minutes longer getting home?

We have just as much right to be on the road as people in cars do. Cycling is only growing in popularity, and there will be more and more cyclists on the road all the time; give us a bit of room, will you please?

I don't have a $3,000 bike or the biking clothes either, but even if I did, you don't get to pass judgment on me just because I'm using the road. Share the road; it belongs to all of us. — P. Stone, Medford