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After reading the Jan. 5 letter titled "The universe was spontaneous," it appears that Marie Arvette selectively chooses the latest theories of physicists Krauss and Hawking over the immutable laws of science.

It is common scientific knowledge that the laws of thermodynamics, biogenesis and cause and effect clearly refute the alleged theory of "quantum nothingness." Interestingly, Scientific American magazine has stated that "a lot of what we swear is scientifically accurate today will be proved wrong within a couple of decades."

Based on this admission, how long will it be until Krauss, Hawking and Ms. Arvette have another new theory that attempts to replace God as the creator of the universe? Not surprisingly, the movies "Expelled" and the recent "Evolution vs. God" (that can be easily viewed on the Internet) demonstrate that apart from books and when interviewed on camera, evolutionary scientists cannot justify something from nothing. — John Mittendorf, Medford

Why should anyone be surpised that a retired police officer shot a person who was disturbing a theater full of people? Who needed to see the truth about our best?

Years ago, we were told the thin blue line was the only thing between the innocent and criminals.

If you liked "Lone Survivor," you and I should support what they go through in the United States.

If I was going to overthrow a country, I would let all the so-called left ideas continue. — Joan White, Medford

Jeremiah wrote, "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?"

Writers of our Constitution knew the truth, and wrote provisions to limit the damage that could be done by deceitful and wicked people in power. We ignore this at great risk. It seems, as a nation, we are forgetting. Also, as individuals, we do much harm if we ignore our own tendency to selfishness and arrogance.

The worth of a person is a value in most traditions, including Jewish and Christian. In some parts of the world, this is ignored.

We also ignore the fact that a major portion of the world does not think as we do, neither valuing the individual nor admitting their own tendency to evil. In our willful ignorance, we endanger our future. — Ira Edwards, Medford

The huge American multinational corporations that own America are building giant barges that can haul multiple empty ships that came to America full, but had to dead head empty back to their slave labor countries one at a time. The only thing America sends back is boatloads of jobs, money and intellectual property, due in large part to a 10-fold tariff disparity against American goods.

While democracy loves capitalism, sadly for working Americans, the reverse is not true. Capitalism prefers the slave labor and lack of regulation that communism offers.

Americans have the audacity to want air they can breathe, water they can drink and a living wage. I'm sure the Chinese people want those things too, but the capitalists don't have to worry about them since those citizens have no say.

Now comes the TTP Trade Agreement to tap communists' Vietnamese slave labor, and if it gets approved, these multinational corporations are going to have to build a bigger barge. — Stephen Armantrout, Phoenix