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The MT reports that Obama aides say that he might go around Congress. This is news? For years he's been abusing his office to further his perverted agenda around our timid Congress using the EPA, Homeland Security, etc., along with other insidious tactics to subvert the separation of powers process. He's blatantly stated that he "has a pen."

It sickens me to witness the erosion of our constitutional rights as tyranny creeps in like dry-rot. — Bob Calhoun, Eagle Point

I recently attended a presentation by biologist David Olson on the importance of the Klamath-Siskiyou region as a refuge for plants and animals in a changing climate. We learned that the Klamath-Siskiyou region is one of the most biodiverse areas on Earth, with a great variety of plants, animals and many unique species.

A large percentage of these unique and unusual animals and plants are clustered in small areas that can be set aside and protected. These small areas, or "micro refugia," can continue to provide refuge from climatic change as they have over past millennia. The richest, most biodiverse areas tend to be moist areas such as valley bottoms, near rivers, in old-growth forests, and on north-facing slopes. If these areas are not protected, they could be disrupted by human activities such as road building or logging.

It's time to protect this range of life as an important part of what makes our Klamath-Siskiyou region special and draws people here. We need to find a balance where conservation is valued along with resource extraction. In Southern Oregon, protecting the natural environment can also be good for the economy. — Christie Nelson, Grants Pass

The 700 block of Spring Street was striped for bicyclists some years ago. It's a block that has high-density apartment buildings, medical facilities and Avamere, a large retirement complex that also houses a health and fitness center. There are numerous occasions when overflow street parking spaces are needed.

One can easily observe the fact that very few bicyclists are ever seen on that block. So when the parking spaces assigned to the various buildings are taken, it becomes a challenge to find available parking. This was not an issue when residents and visitors could park on the street.

Who planned this? Did they design it for the very few who ride bicycles on that street?

I would caution the public when considering the bicycle lanes on South Pacific Highway. Perhaps the planners need to examine the needs of most of the people, not the minority. — J.R. Hunts, Medford

When the administration of Sodom and Gommorrah decided to embrace homosexuality and every other vice, God made short work of them.

It has become apparent not only to me but others with true Christian values that the morals of this country have slipped to the level of these two cities; you can only guess what is next. — Bob Casebier, Medford