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So the liberal Californians that occupy Jacksonville and ignore the pot smoking at Britt every summer don't want pot dispensaries in their quaint little town. I think that this is the very definition of NIMBY. — Elaine Wheeler, Central Point

It seems that everything that I read and hear on the news alludes to the teachers being "victims" of the district. The union mentality always paints the poor union members as being used by "big business." In my own life if I haven't been happy with my job I have quit and moved on. Quit whining! Most people would be very happy with a teacher's salary and benefits. — Chuck Brook, Medford

So what makes a school? Is it the buildings, labs, classrooms, offices, sports, mascots, buses, cafeterias? No, you have a school anywhere you have a caring, dedicated teacher. Support our teachers. — V. Handel, Medford

In announcing the forthcoming meeting of President Obama and Pope Francis (MT Jan. 22), the White House spinners declared that the pope's emphasis on the plight of the poor is a moral validation of the president's economic agenda. They should have also noted Pope Francis' uncompromising defense of the life of the unborn is a condemnation of President Obama's outright embrace of abortion.

Since the judicial infamy that legalized abortion in 1973, over 56 million innocent children have been brutally executed in the mother's womb — a tragedy that defies description. Abortion devalues life and, inevitably, leads to more violence. Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said that when we allow mothers to kill their own babies in the womb with impunity, what could stop anyone else from killing others?

Pro-lifers, take heart. We're winning the battle for the culture of life. When the former NARAL president, Nancy Keenan, resigned last year, she cited the lack of young pro-abortion leaders as the reason she decided to step down. Time Magazine also claims the pro-abortion movement has been losing since 1973. That's to be expected. A movement that promotes unscrupulously the wanton massacre of unborn children is, sooner or later, bound to fail. — Jerry Duran, Medford

The American people elected Barack Obama not once but twice, and before he was sworn in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared that his main goal was to make him a one-term president, meaning to make him fail. That was all many of us needed to hear.

The last five years have shown us that Republicans have said "no" to nearly all of the president's proposals, even those that were originally Republican ideas, and Bob Calhoun complains that the president isn't "playing nice." Heaven help the next Republican president trying to get his or her own agenda through the Senate and House if either chamber is controlled by the Democrats because what goes around comes around. — Michael Gitzen, Eagle Point