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I remember the rustling sound of the paper as my grandfather turned each page, spending what seemed a long time as he must have read every word. It was World War II and much was taking place to read about.

Then he'd let me look at it, reading what I could but understanding very little. How significant the newspaper was in the lives of American families! The freedom of the press was at its best, informing the country about what was taking place around the world.

After that, topics became more varied. Not being interested in the same things, we pick and choose. Politics — we're smothered with that topic and I don't always agree with the MT.

The Religion section has changed over the years. That bothers me quite a bit. Surely more of our places of worship must have something to say or offer to the community.

"Pickles" and "Peanuts" are my faves, resulting in smiles and chuckles. If my name isn't in the obits then it's a good day. It's sad that the MT has such few pages to offer but we still have a weekly subscription. Do you? — Donna Tusow, Central Point

I have no objection to keeping ODOT people employed and busy, but let's not get ridiculous. The proposed road changes between Talent and Phoenix (undoubtedly a forerunner for Talent to Ashland) are totally unnecessary.

You just don't eliminate two lanes of a major thoroughfare to accommodate a bicycle rider or a few left-turners. Just put in bike lanes — there's room for that — and forget about sidewalks. The few pedestrians who walk the road can use the bike lanes.

I've been driving the route since 2002 and I have yet to see an accident on that stretch. So save the money and spend it where it's really needed. — Bill Smart, Talent

This is one of my thoughts at random. The quote is my own. I know the quote is strong and blunt, but it, in my opinion, is true.

Our government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people. "People" includes our leaders. — Ronald Garringer, Central Point