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We in the Wimer area are so proud of our county law enforcement. It only took them weeks and untold thousands of dollars to discover that two persons have died and one or both bodies were mutilated.

The upside of this is that as long as we had deputies here 24/7 there was no fully automatic gunfire and there were no homemade explosive detonations in our neighborhood.

Perhaps if we found more bodies we could enjoy more peace and quiet from our local idiots. — Eddie Richardson, Rogue River

Don't justify your opinions with claims that deny basic principles of physics and chemistry unless you are prepared to rewrite physics and chemistry textbooks and redesign 21st century industry and technology.

Don't use evidence to support your claims that is obviously false or totally irrelevant to your conclusions unless you want to destroy your credibility.

Check the information you promote and confirm that it's credible; otherwise it will support nothing you claim.

Confirm you are using evidence to support your opinion that is actually consistent with what you claim unless you want your evidence to deny your opinions.

Remember that someone else's opinion does not constitute evidence that supports your opinions; credible, relevant evidence is needed. Use peer-reviewed scientific literature, not transparently biased and inane videos and websites.

If you claim the current warming is driven by some natural event, identify clearly which natural factor you claim is causing the current warming. Then check the science to determine if the factor you claim to be the cause could possibly be having the effect you argue it has.

If you cannot meet these criteria, rethink your opinion. — Louise Shawkat, Ashland

For the first time ever, thanks to the Mail Tribune, I wholeheartedly enjoyed watching the Super Bowl.

I've never been a professional sports fan, but because the Seahawks represent the Northwest, I watched the playoff between Seattle and San Francisco. At the end, however, I was completely turned off watching Richard Sherman go ballistic into a reporter's microphone. I did not care for his attitude or frankly his hairstyle. My opinion of professional football went back to zero.

A few days later, I read about Sherman in the sports section. The story told about his upbringing in Compton where he avoided gangs (not easy) and was a straight-A student. To this day he makes a point to set an example for youth. I became a fan.

A story on the Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was also inspiring. After being fired from two coaching positions, Carroll was determined to get back into professional coaching. Obviously it paid off.

Every day when I read the Tribune, I feel many emotions including incredulity, amusement, anger and sorrow. But there are times when I feel inspiration and that is what I got from the Super Bowl coverage. — Margaret Bradburn, Eagle Point

For this year's Valentine's Day, I've decided to enclose a personal note assuring loved ones that my final need documents are complete and up-to-date and where they can find them. I am convinced there is no greater act of love than to spare my family countless unfamiliar decisions at a difficult and stressful time. — Susan Bundgard Hatfield, Medford

As progressive as Oregon likes to think it is, why is there no legislation requiring pay equity?

Although Oregon has ratified the ERA twice, it has nothing in its constitution that specifically assures women that they will get equal treatment in hiring and salary. Being progressive means making progress!

Now that the state Legislature is sitting in Salem again, join AAUW in making sure your representatives know where you stand on equality. Call! Write! Email! It's time to put your money where your mouth is, Oregon! — CJ Lipski, Talent