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I was disappointed by the Mail Tribune's ability to miss the headline to Teresa Ristow's article, which should have read: "Duet of music teachers sow discord by banding together to orchestrate recall effort." Oh those perfidious teachers! — Art Hedberg, Medford

"It would be decidedly un-American to tell a private retailer it had to sell any product" says the Tribune (Our View, Thursday). And yet they offered no defense when the state of Oregon recently did precisely that, to Sweet Cakes bakery. Political correctness is a fickle master. — Richard Glimpse, Medford

Is there such a thing as a "good neighbor farmer"? Absolutely. Is there a risk of genetically modified alfalfa cross-pollinating with conventional alfalfa? Absolutely. Is there a risk of two conventional crops cross-pollinating? Absolutely.

However, the risk of cross-pollination has been around since the first seeds were planted. From the beginning of farming, we have always discussed farming techniques with our neighbors to help avoid problems. Today, we need to continue this tradition of being a good neighbor farmer and work together to avoid issues.

Prior to the use of genetically modified crops in 1996, cross-pollination was a challenge, but we faced it together by communicating. What a farmer chooses to grow and how they grow it on their land is one of the most fundamental decisions a farmer can make. For the record, I would oppose any ordinance that banned the growing of organic crops in our county. I believe we can all grow the types of crops we choose when farmers talk to their neighbors.

Yes, there are good neighbor farmers. I think of myself as one, and I always have. We need to embrace all forms of agriculture so the Oregon farmer can succeed. — Ron Bjork, Eagle Point

Dr. Alan Bates claims his great achievement as our Oregon state senator is Cover Oregon — cover it with what, is the question.

One can only hope that his patients are faring better than Oregon's citizenry, who are suffering the resulting administrative, financial, and medical disaster to which he is subjecting us. We must hold him responsible for this fiasco and replace him with David Dotterrer when we vote for state senator in November. — Mike McDermott, Medford