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Thanks to Ms. Shawkat (Feb. 13) for climate denier tips, but can alarmists evaluate data objectively?

Quoting easy-to-find U.S. satellite data from the University of Alabama-Huntsville is met with ad hominem attacks on the source by alarmists. Moreover, equally easy to find graphs show 95-97 percent of climate models over-predict the observed surface (HADCRUT4) or atmospheric (UAH lower troposphere) warming and most do so by 100-200 percent.

The Beer-Lambert Law offers a clue why this is so. Try going to SOU and taking an infrared spectrum of air (400 ppm carbon dioxide) in a 10-cm cell. Now, extrapolate the transmittance to a path the thickness of the atmosphere, say 4,500 meters. The transmittance will be, at most, 0.01 percent, 99.99 percent light absorbed. Reducing transmittance to 0.001 percent requires 4,000 ppm. Doubling carbon dioxide will not come close. Science predicts a diminishing effect with added increments. Geological history notes there have been warmer periods without benefit of carbon dioxide and cooler periods with.

Wheat harvest dates may be significant in areas isolated from urban heat islands. Excepting 2012, one Ohio county wheat harvest has not been earlier than it was in 1944 — 10 years removed from record hot 1934. — Donald C. Young, Medford

On Dec. 12, Tom Mueller, a University of Tennessee weed scientist, warned Pacific Northwest sugar beet growers about glyphosate-resistant weeds. Having witnessed the pains glyphosate herbicide-resistant weeds have caused his state's growers, he said glyphosate-resistant horse weed surfaced as a Tennessee nuisance in 2002.

In 2007, resistant Palmer pigweed emerged, forcing many of the worst-hit farmers out of business. He said, "It's become common now for Tennessee growers to send crews of workers into fields to hand-pick Palmer pigweed ... I can assure you 10 years ago, nobody was ever thinking about sending a whole crew out in the field."

Jackson County farmers do not have to suffer this fate. Measure 15-119, the Family Farms Measure, would protect our local farmers and land from this kind of problem that requires ever more dangerous pesticides to manage. Don't let it happen here. Vote Yes on 15-119, the Family Farms Measure. — Brian Comnes, Ashland

Man-caused climate change is a left-wing scam designed to promote socialism. — Jim Sevick, Central Point

It seems our county commissioners took it upon themselves to ask some of their friends if they think a library tax should be put on the next ballot, and it is.

I just want the voters to remember what they did the last time a library tax was passed. They built the Taj Mahal downtown. What a waste!

It's time for cuts. We do not need to throw more money at an ongoing problem. Enough is enough. — Wayne Graddy, Central Point