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Isn't it amazing to see the right-wing Republicans who have picked as their standard-bearer for senator from Southern Oregon a retired military officer who has had, and continues to enjoy, free medical care, prescriptions and in finality a free burial, with their objective to discredit a local doctor, Alan Bates, who is working to secure medical care for all Oregonians?

I would imagine that most of the Republican support comes from those who are under the largest socialized program in the United States; they call it "Medicare." What a surprise their mantra has always been, "I have mine, to hell with you."

My friends and I will support Dr. Alan Bates' efforts to insure all who need it, and he will work on it until it is up and running, not destroy it as the Republicans hope to do. I wish that there was a way to cancel their Medicare and listen to them yell. — Keith Van Horn, Medford

The "Water for the World" bill before Congress asks us to address the water issues of the world. Through the U.S. Agency for International Development, we are proposing to "solve" potable water problems anywhere in the world.

This brilliant bill is from Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Portland. While we borrow more than 40 percent of our national budget to spend at current levels, let's take on fixing water for the whole world.

Not that this isn't a noble cause, you just can't spend what you don't have. That should be the mantra in Washington, not, "spend now, the next generation can pay it back."

What we should be doing is combing government spending, line by line, and eliminating duplicate and unnecessary spending, ending foreign aid to enemies, stopping expenditures on the U.N., ending subsidies and letting businesses stand or fall on their merits, and reducing domestic spending to true needs. No food stamps for the able-bodied, no welfare for drug users, no welfare for successive births of unsupported children. When we let our citizens know that is the situation, they will adapt.

When we have a balanced budget, and surplus, no national debt, then we can broaden our charitable boundaries. — Raymond Smith, Central Point

Jackson County farmers are under foreign attack, and Jackson County voters can easily help them survive and thrive by voting Yes on Measure 15-119 in May.

Numerous plots of land throughout Jackson County are being leased by a Swiss chemical corporation to grow its genetically engineered (GMO) plants for patented seed because Switzerland and many other countries have banned GMOs. In our narrow valley, corporations with no vested interest in our families, farms or future continue to cross-pollinate our family farms with GMOs, causing devastating crop and economic losses, including the threat of losing their farms and livelihoods.

Other GMO-free counties have seen huge agricultural economic growth when the threats of crop contamination and suits for patent infringement by GMO corporations are removed, with zero costs to the counties.

Please support our farming community members who contribute to our local economy by voting yes on Family Farms Measure 15-119. — Gaylene Hurley, Medford

The Rogue Valley seems to be a proving ground for obnoxious, high-pressure car commercials! They have achieved just the opposite of their goals — I would never shop at one of those places!

We are bombarded by these inane announcers with an overdose of testosterone! Give us a break! Do the dealers do this at all their dealerships? Count me out, dealers. You just ran me off. — Bob Bartlett, Central Point

My granddaughter would be 27 years old on April 3 if she had not been killed by a drunk driver.

Happy birthday, Leah. — Jay Therien, Phoenix