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On behalf of the VA Volunteer Service Committee at the Veterans Affairs Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics, we would like to thank the Rogue Valley community for their response on our request for "Quilts for the Veterans." The response was wonderful and helped us provide each of the veteran residents with a quilt.

The need for twin size or larger quilts is an ongoing need. We hope everyone will continue to donate quilts or afghans. These items become the property of the veterans and are taken with them when the leave as a reminder of the help they received at the VA SORCC in White City.

Thank you again and we hope you will continue to help us to meet our goal. — Dona Spence, Eagle Point

This is in response to Mr. Van Horn's letter published on April 3. His thesis is interesting, but wrong from my perspective.

He railed against those of us who earned medical benefits from a grateful nation. Why did he not earn his own benefits, or suggest that he or others should have stepped up and grabbed that gold ring when it was available to him/them?

Was it inconvenient, the pay too low, being sent to faraway dangerous places unappealing to him/them? I can speak for myself when I say I do not wish others to suffer, but I earned my medical benefits and have the scars and years away from my family to prove it. — retired Lt. Col. Jeffery A. Applen, U.S. Marine Corps, Medford

Recently the Jackson County administrator said if the GMO ban is approved it will cost the county over $200,000. I think he forgot some details.

Number one is the health costs. When farmers fed cows and pigs GMO corn, they got sick. Synergy (one of the companies fighting GMO ban) is a company from Switzerland, and the Swiss have banned GMO products. In fact many European countries have banned GMOs. Do you think health is a concern?

In Eastern Oregon, a wheat farmer lost $500,000 because his wheat field was cross-pollinated by GMOs by the wind. Can Jackson County afford this kind of loss? — Bruce Bauer, Medford

I intend to vote for Lt. Bob Sergi for Jackson County sheriff.

He is a fair and honest man and has made all aspects of police work his entire life second only to his wife of 32 years. Sergi's resume is extensive and he has a good business mind.

The waste spent on computer satellites that are not a priority and lawsuits that should have been avoided will be a thing of the past. We can look forward to our tax dollars used to increasing staff levels at the jail and more deputies on the road. We desperately need new leadership at the Sheriff's Office and Bob Sergi not only has 30-plus years of experience, but he has the integrity and fortitude to do the job and do it right. Mike Winters has been there too long. — Candace Byrd, Medford