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I have been watching the letters to the editor with regard to those who have been responding less kindly to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and I feel compelled to respond to C.S. Chase's letter of April 9.

Under my new health care coverage, I have been able to retain all the health care providers that I have been presently seeing for treatment of an ongoing medical condition. My co-pays for office visits are also covered under my new coverage, something my previous plan did not provide.

Most importantly, my monthly premium has been cut by 50 percent while I continue to receive the same amount of coverage as under my previous plan, and a recent procedure I underwent was covered 100 percent under my new plan.

I plan on voting for Sen. Merkley in the upcoming election, and would strongly object to any attempt to repeal the ACA. — Gregory Avery, Medford

Editor's note: Because of an editing error, the following letter was incorrect in Sunday's paper. Here is the correct version.

"Damen und Herren, Ladies and Gentlemen: do you feel gut? Nothing to worry about, ja?"

Oh, our Supreme Court — the same court that kindly "selected" our president in 2000 and bestowed "personhood" on corporations via "Citizens United" — has with equal consanguinity put final touches to our blossoming new oligarchy, in McCutcheon v. FEC.

We commoners, as Franklin feared, have just lost our democracy.

"But, who cares? So vat?" Mega-billionaires Koch, Adelson, etc., will now continue purchasing "representatives," officeholders and down-ballot politicians wherever they like with their random pocket change.

They're gleefully smiling with Justice Roberts, after formalizing the buying of our elections, and that troublesome republic old Ben helped craft, cautioning, "... if you can keep it."

"Money doesn't talk; it swears!"

"McCutcheon" dilutes the value of your participation — and indivisible vote, ha-ha! — to the insignificance of penny stocks!

As down payment, already-owned GOP politicos work their hardest obstructing even that right in every state they've got their paws around.

"Money makes the vorld go round, ja?"

Anecdote: Sheldon, Charles, David, and Shaun approach Justice Roberts for an accounting:

"So, John, what have you wrought ...?"

"An oligarchy, Gents; ripe for the fleecing!" — Rob Hirschboeck, Ashland