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Search and evaluating candidates for superintendant seems bad history repeating itself.

Any search system produces candidate lists — head-hunters, eBay, state or other advisory systems, checking other schools recently hiring, etc. However, the high-handed management of candidates' secretive visits goes against important principles of openness and integrity in professional hiring.

It's wrong for both candidates and the system to invite mystery visitors and prevent contact with the publics they will serve. That turns off, in my experience, many most forthright, open, professional candidates.

No candidate of integrity sneaks his/her name on job lists without a current employer's knowing.

No candidate intending to serve teachers and community accepts a hiring vote after keeping primary constituents guardedly out of touch.

No candidate intending a career in an academic system tolerates secretive meetings with the hiring board — implying that career is to first please them.

No candidate is unaware that the community and schools are populated with real, live people, and those are his/her primary concern — teachers, programs, facilities, spending and service.

Much of this search appears to be repeating an all-too-familiar secretive, high-handed, unresponsive management style. It doesn't move professionally toward a superior Medford educational system. — G. Myers, Jacksonville

True to life itself, there is always complexity, from which we must sort out information and make decisions every day. Climate change is real and you are already experiencing its impact. There are those with agendas and big money who want you not to notice.

The oil baron Koch brothers have funneled millions through entities and campaigns designed to keep us in the dark. Exxon-Mobil acknowledged "climate change is real and the risks warrant action," but spends hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting unscientific claims denying climate change, and continues to promote fossil fuel dependency.

It is confusing, but too important to ignore. There is no quick fix either; we must take notice, get fully informed and act now to make this planet safe for future generations.

Do you want the rich, selfishly misinformed people to slowly destroy this beautiful planet, or do you want to join the rest of us who can see the extreme effects humans are having on tour environment, and who have some vision of how we might be able to save it? A million, million voices can be heard over the blustering few who think their money gives them power to lie and manipulate us. — Diana O'Farrell, Ashland

In response to the two letters on April 11: The police were told the subjects were armed and dangerous. They knew the woman was not a hitchhiker that the guy picked up.

I'm sure the citizens of Albuquerque, N.M., would also be upset if someone shot one of the police officers. These people were not innocent.

I'm sure if the police had time to aim, they could have done the "summary execution" Mr. Sanford wanted. I would think under fire or being rammed by a car would upset anyone.

I'm a little tired of hearing how bad our police officers are. We have great officers in this valley and should be glad they are here to protect us from criminals. — Judy Westcott, Talent