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I don't understand the whole "defense of marriage" thing. My husband and I have been married for 28 years and the only thing that has ever threatened our marriage is us. Why would someone else's relationship be a threat to ours? It makes no sense. — Noni McCrillis, Talent

My wife and I support Measure 15-119. So do our neighbors.

Two weeks ago we placed the bright yellow and green "Vote YES — Protect Family Farms" signs in our front yards.

Early last Saturday morning someone removed all the signs in our block that support Jackson County family farmers. The petty theft is annoying — but the attempt to deny our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech suggests the opposition is very threatened by the groundswell of public opinion in favor of economic justice for our local farmers whose own rights are under biological and financial attack from patented genetically engineered plants. This attempt to squelch our free speech has only re-enforced our resolve to support our local farmers, the economy and Measure 15-119. — Gary J. Pedersen, Medford

During the run-up to the holiday, I became bemused ("startled" is a better word) at the paucity of mention of the "real" reason Easter is celebrated.

To be sure, the faithful were doubtless heavily engaged, but popular media and the atmosphere hereabouts seemed a blank. Bunnies, chicks, decorated eggs and (perhaps) a wan drawing of a lily were all one could glean.

Our first family popped in to a service for their obligatory photo before the prez started his round of golf.

Peggy Dover, a Mail Tribune columnist, did manage a heartfelt column which called attention to what many feel is a noteworthy moment in history. Gosh. What's become of us? — Hubert Smith, Jacksonville

It has really been fun and interesting to read in the Mail Tribune of the basketball exploits of distant cousins Baylee Toney of Phoenix and the three Heard girls of Crater High.

They are all descendents of the Metzger-Conner wagon train of 1852.

Some other Rogue Valley descendants of the Metzger-Conner wagon train are golf pro Scott Lusk, dog trainer Sally Davis, caregiver Amy Sizemore, Derek DeBoer of TC Chevrolet and genealogist Chuck Eccleston. I am also descended from the 1852 wagon train. — Chuck Jones, Medford