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I enjoyed the Pear Blossom Parade, especially Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, but I'm disgusted with idling vehicles spewing nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds at the youth waiting to process.

Ashland allows cars to idle with a weak idling ordinance that is not enforced. Is your community proactive in eliminating the idling of gas vehicles? Nineteen pounds of CO2 comes from each gallon of gas. Diesel engines emit over 40 pollutants. Meanwhile, children breathe faster than adults and inhale more air per pound of body weight.

The interior atmosphere of idling cars has more carbon monoxide than the roadside — reducing the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood to heart, brain, and kidneys. The Rogue Valley is not doing enough to deter profound health risks to our children. Carbon dioxide emissions remain a huge climate problem. Inform your city leaders that the idling of gas powered vehicles needs to stop.

Turn off your engine if you're waiting more than 10 seconds. Warm up your engine and car interior by driving, not by idling. This protects your car engine, protects our environment, improves air quality, saves fuel, and keeps money in your wallet. It's a win-win-win-win-win! — Louise Shawkat, Ashland

How dare we as a society allow higher education to steal from their student body and force their student body into debt.

Did you know that most of the students in higher education are being charged to pay for a degree with no guarantee for an occupation in their field of study? Please don't get me wrong, there are some very successful programs that place students in their field, but they are few.

As a previous educator, who really supported students to go to higher education, reports are coming back to me that are very disturbing. Makes me wonder if I gave the wrong counsel.

Previous students report back to me of dropping out of higher education due to "opening their eyes" to the amount of debt they are accruing. Poor instruction is not preparing for a future in the world of work. Graduates of higher education are having to move back home to live. Parents are strapped to pay off outstanding loans. And last but not the least, graduates are working at minimum wage jobs.

You see, higher education should not be about a rite of passage to a future, with no future. — Ralph E. Frey, Eagle Point

On Measure 15-119, I am voting no. I encourage you to vote no.

Understand the measure and the consequences of a yes vote. I am frustrated with the yes vote people who want to be able to grow anything (legal or not), but want to limit what everyone else grows.

Their backyard family farms (as wonderful as they are) do not feed the world. This is bigger than they are, and their impact will be negative.

Many "yes" arguments are downright lies. In this valley, there are family farms that have been here for three, four generations, not just two or three years, and these farmers are voting no. If you are a yes voter and you threaten our generational family farms with a dialogue of "we will never buy from your farm again," keep in mind that your backyard farm needs the rest of us to survive. — Glennda Y Allen, Medford