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How sad that Greg Walden's supporters are so afraid of his opponent, Dennis Linthicum, that they have stolen three of Linthicum's 4- by 8-foot signs from their very public locations in Jackson County. Other campaign signs in the same area have remarkably remained untouched.

We're watching, and we'll continue to report on the corrupt actions of these bullies and thieves. — Dee Clary, Talent

Opportunity knocks for Jackson County! In May we can vote to form a library district. The district will provide funding for our 15 libraries that will no longer depend on county support.

The libraries will be governed by an independent board, not the county commissioners. The district board would manage the libraries using the funds provided. The funds could not be increased except by vote, and cannot be taken by the county. Library hours can be increased.

Libraries provide an important role in the community, and make Jackson County a great place to live. Books and research materials are in demand, with circulation setting records. Libraries have embraced the digital age. Computer classes and public computers are well used. Job seekers and small businesses are big users. The public meeting rooms are used by over 5,000 residents per year. I urge your vote in the May primary election. — Bruce McGregor, Medford

Vote yes on Ballot Measure 15-123 to maintain your Rogue River Fire District service.

We feel this measure, which replaces a capital bond with a serial levy, is a responsible way to address our fire and ambulance needs while not increasing costs to our patrons. This measure results in no increase in tax costs while meeting our needs. Our costs continue to increase, while federal and state revenues continue to decrease.

We have an excellent fire and ambulance service. We are usually en route to your emergency in less than two minutes from the time of the alarm. We support our community needs in a positive and exemplary manner. We are proud of our success rate and ability to provide fire and ambulance needs in a quick and professional manner.

Help us support your Rogue River fire and ambulance program by voting yes on 15-123. A yes vote will not increase your tax rate. — John Bond, chairman, Rogue River Fire District Board of Directors

It happened last night. Just when I thought it was safe to watch television — the political ad. The urgent, fear-inducing voice of doom ("Jaws" music here). "They" are coming for your libraries, creating a "bureaucracy," policing you, confiscating your crops, costing you money! Be afraid, be very afraid.

Fiscal conservatives like me dislike regulation. Unfortunately, we already have regulation, signed into law by Governor Kitzhaber, prohibiting counties from regulating genetically engineered crops, Jackson County excepted until the May ballot. But I don't like bullies like Monsanto coming into my backyard and throwing their weight (money) around, pretending it's free speech and they are "Good Neighbor Farmers."

I'm voting "yes" for Measure 15-119 because I dislike both fear tactics and bullies. Now, if Monsanto and friends are so concerned about our libraries, an $800,000 donation would be downright neighborly. — Andy Seles, Ashland


The library ballot measure would cost an estimated $92.53 for the average homeowner. Because of an editing error, the amount was incorrect in a letter in Sunday's paper.