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As a lawyer who has practiced municipal law here for over 30 years, I am dismayed at the tactics being used by the opponents to Measure 15-119.

To suggest that this measure will necessarily cost Jackson County anything, or will divert resources from public safety, is simply incorrect. The measure authorizes enforcement or abatement by Jackson County, but it certainly does not require either.

The county need not spend one dime, unless it chooses to. In fact, the measure would most likely be self-enforcing because of the possibility of private lawsuits, not because of county actions.

Frankly, I get worried when opponents of a measure utilize the "big lie" technique of repeatedly stating something that isn't true, hoping that gullible voters will fall for it. Consequently, I am voting for Measure 15-119, and I urge all those who support family farms in the Rogue Valley to do the same. — Dan Thorndike, general counsel, Medford Fabrication, Medford

Mr. Van Horn (April 3) disparages recipients of earned medical benefits to divert our attention from the colossal failures of Cover Oregon's architects and overseers.

They have mismanaged this program, resulting in a $200 million expenditure for a health insurance exchange website that does not work and is expected to cost another $40 million to repair. This at a time when our metropolitan area unemployment of 9.8 percent is among the highest 10 percent of the country.

Dave Dotterrer has the leadership experience to successfully manage programs within budget and improve our area's economic outlook.

See www.davedotterrer.com . — Jo W. French, Ashland

I recently moved to Medford and have visited the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center a number of times.

The Extension Center has provided me with invaluable information and training about safely preserving foods, growing plants in the Rogue Valley, beekeeping, conserving water and much more. I have really appreciated that we have such a great organization here that does so much for the community. When you have a chance to vote on Ballot Measure 15-121, think about the many benefits of having the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center in our community. — Griff Colegrove, Medford