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Cover Oregon principals and assigns are now facing an FBI criminal investigation for alleged crimes.

We Oregonians should demand a full refund from everyone involved.

All of the politicos involved, every last government hack, Oracle, KPMG, L.R. Kimball and anyone else who got paid should be required to give we taxpayers back our money.

Governor Kitzhaber and his minions should be jailed, and relieved of all personal assets, present and future as they created the climate and paved the way for the catastrophe that was Cover Oregon. I believe they knew the risks from day one.

The money didn't evaporate. Rather, it's in their bank accounts — and I for one want it refunded now! Please join me in demanding for a full refund from anyone who got paid by or as a result of the Cover Oregon conspiracy. — Roger Fredinburg, Central Point

My wife and I recently planned a trip to Omaha, Neb.

We got up at 3 a.m. to get to the Medford airport by 4:30. Our plan was to fly to Denver, and then to Omaha. When we got to the Medford airport we were told the Denver airport was closed due to blizzards, so they could fly us to San Francisco and then Chicago and back to Omaha. When we got to San Francisco they told us both Chicago airports were closed due to electrical problems, but they could fly us to Houston or somewhere else and then eventually to Omaha. We started to get nervous out of fear we might end up in the Ukraine and my undershorts would end up in Bolivia.

We asked them to send us back to Oregon. They gave us free tickets to Medford and we came home the same day.

We'll try to reschedule. Do they have blizzards in Omaha in July?

Does anyone know anything about the bathrooms at Ukrainian airports? — Maynard Telpner, Talent

Roots & Wings Community Preschool wishes to acknowledge and give a huge shout out to all those who participated during Day of Caring sponsored by United Way of Jackson County.

Our facility received a much-needed face-lift to our new site that converted the outside area into small gardens and a future Monarch wayside as well as other maintenance and repair needs. Many thanks go to American West Bank, US Bank, members of WiLL (Women Living Leadership), Regence and all those who make Day of Caring possible. Many hands make light work and long lasting memories, thank you all. — Rebecca Tree, director, Roots & Wings Community Preschool