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I have been amazed at the high quality of acting at Camelot Theater. Now I expect it.

The production of Neil Simon's "Lost in Yonkers" did not disappoint me. The play was funny, sad and poignant. The acting was great, especially Marlene Gray as Aunt Bella and Kristi Abarti as Grandmother.

Quality theater at an affordable price. Thank you, Camelot!

Also, thanks to you voters who supported the library! — Dorothy Purcell, Eagle Point

Now the GMO decision has been made, there are parallels worth noting.

During the run-up to the ballot, we were inundated with outside corporate money funding a campaign that was based on lies and distortions. They claimed that the science on genetically engineered crops is settled.

In reality, there is abundant peer-reviewed science demonstrating that crop yields have not increased and that chemical use has increased. Meanwhile, the science on health consequences is suspect because it has been conducted largely by corporate scientists or researchers operating under contract to those corporations.

With climate change, it is the same amoral corporate money that is funding denial. The Koch brothers, Exxon-Mobil and fossil-fuel corporations are supporting a campaign of lies that denies the peer-reviewed science that the planet is warming and humans are causing the problem.

As a result, we are producing a planet that will be unable to support future generations. Meanwhile, in the interests of obscene short term profits, fossil-fuel corporations try to convince us that their actions are not compromising our human future.

It is time to recognize who our enemies are. Campaigns based on lies supported by these corporate interests should be rejected whenever they surface. — Louise Shawkat, Ashland

AmigoVision Foundation and Lions Clubs from Southern Oregon partnered with the Southern Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Center to make the first-ever Lions with Heart Vision Clinic a huge success.

In all, 112 pairs of recycled eyeglasses were distributed to low-income people who have no vision coverage. With only 11/2 staff members, the S.O. Sight and Hearing Center was only able to make this happen with the help of the partnering groups who gave up a good part of their Saturday.

What a difference was made indeed! Thank you to all those involved. — Glory Cooper, executive director, Southern Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Center