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Letters to the Editor

Fact: Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels are one of the major greenhouse gases affecting climate change and global warming.

Fact: Carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere are the highest they have been in 800,000 years!

Fact: Public health, national security, and our economy are all endangered by the mounting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Military leaders, scientists and health experts agree.

Fact: We have the know-how to stem this tide, but it requires governmental help. Unfortunately, too many politicians owe their jobs (campaign contributions) to the fossil fuel industry.

Fact: On May 22, the most corrupt in Congress passed the McKinley amendment that in effect denied these facts and seeks to prevent our military from addressing them. See goo.gl/jrGRqp.

Fact: Greg Walden voted for this amendment to keep us from addressing climate change. This vote shows that his concerns are not with our economy, our health or, certainly, our security.

I am outraged and sick at heart that greed and corruption are trumping future life.

But I am encouraged that our president and the EPA are today proposing an important first step to limit carbon pollution from power plants. — Lee Lull, Talent

It's fire season. Are you protected? Yes? Well, think again. If you live in the rural areas of Fire District 3, Sams Valley, Dodge Bridge, Gold Hill, those stations are unmanned, even by volunteers.

I had a fire a couple years ago and waited while watching my building burn to the ground for 20-plus minutes for fire trucks to respond from White City. I have a Fire District 3 station, unmanned, a half-mile from me.

We used to have a well-trained volunteer group stationed there who would have responded in five minutes. I know because I was one of them.

Just what are we in the rural areas of Fire District 3 paying for in our taxes? White City and Central Point residents pay the same amount and have active fire coverage in their cities.

Now Fire District 3 wants to use our tax money to merge with the Medford Fire Department so that Medford can have better rural fire coverage.

Let the politicians — you'll notice I didn't say "firefighters" — at Fire District 3 know what you think of their political maneuvers and lack of service to their own people. — Harry LeVine, Central Point