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Oregon still eschews the notion older drivers need to be retested. If Wednesday's incident at the Pain Specialists building were exactly a day earlier, I could have been a victim.

To the family of that 84-year-old driver: should he pass DMV testing, take away his damn keys, anyway, lest the man cause unfathomable grief to another family.

My wife, struck by a 92-year-old's van, now in a care facility, incurred irreparable brain damage. — Kurt Austermann, Medford

A boy, barely 13, has a devastating problem. He struggles with the fearful anxieties, angry storms and potent medications of bipolar disorder. His little sister calls it a "broken brain." Recently, he came in crisis to Rogue Regional Medical Center's emergency ward to wait in a residential child-treatment center.

Asante's RRMC has a beautiful campus, but RRMC has a devastating problem.

Children in mental crisis need a secure facility, as do adults, but RRMC's problem is that the children must stay in the same emergency ward as adults.

This boy is huddled in a small, cement-like room with no windows and only a mattress on the floor. "Scary" adults cursed and pounded in the next rooms, and the boy especially trembled at night. He stayed seven days — no placement was found. (The shortage of children's psychiatric treatment facilities is another issue.)

The staff understood the inappropriate situation and tried to help, but Asante can do more for children. Mentally ill children may not be allowed in the colorful wing for children with broken bodies, but whether for several hours or seven days, children with "broken brains" need a clean, calm area of their own where they can feel safe. — Sandra Boucher, Jacksonville

Campus shootings continue. Innocents continue to die. This is a quick reminder that, if you have done absolutely nothing about it, their blood is on your hands as well.

If you feel any twinge of conscience, you might want to do a quick Internet search. Check out Americans for Responsible Solutions, Brady Campaign, and Everytown for Gun Safety. Then do something.

However, if you're content living in a gun-saturated society... never mind. Not a problem. — Bruce Borgerson, Ashland

In the June 1 Mail Tribune, anti-gun columnist Gene Lyons politically exploited a recent shooting tragedy near Santa Barbara, Calif.

Launching his vindictive diatribe against the NRA, our Second Amendment heritage and American gun owners, Lyons labeled us "the gun cult." The fact that this domestic atrocity was perpetrated by a depraved, vicious, sociopath killer who was inside a "victim disarmament zone," and that three of these murder victims were stabbed to death obviously means nothing to Lyons. California harbors among the worst oppressive anti-gun socialist "LBJ/KGB" laws, which empower criminal perpetrators to strike with murderous mayhem.

Perhaps Claire Wolf's May 31 commentary, "Willful ignorance: Why do so many anti-gunners choose it?" and "Stop trying to impose your anti-gun decisions on me!" at www.jpfo.org and www.gunowners.org respectively, address this national dilemma of dishonest, yellow journalism! Obviously anti-gun newspaper columnists choose to vilify firearms while ignoring the psychotic cretins who are the homicidal maniacs! — James A. Farmer, Ashland