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Regarding the Eagle Point woman and her dogs' death, who allegedly left her three Rottweilers in her truck while she sat for several hours at a restaurant and made phone calls.

I don't know if they serve liquor at that hour, but breakfast shouldn't take several hours. I cannot get the vision out of my head, how those dogs must have felt waiting for her return. Instead, she left her three dogs to overheat and die in her truck.

She should no longer be able to own another dog, and I can only hope the judge throws the book at her. Only three years? I can only feel for the responders that broke them out and gave them CPR and lost them anyway after all their efforts. And where was she?

Alice Violet Taylor should know better, and from all the animal lovers out there, she should have the same done to her for allowing her pets to suffer such a horrible death. — Cheryl Hall, Gold Hill

I'm not a Mike Winters fan, nor am I particularly enamored with Corey Falls, but after the unjustified shooting (and killing) of 74-year-old Ashland resident Earl Harris, I think that Mike Winters just guaranteed that Corey Falls will become the new sheriff in November.

I've had enough of Mike Winters. He's an out of control cowboy, who answers to nobody. He continuously wastes taxpayer money, and he's more concerned about phantom Mexican drug cartels located in other counties than he is with actual gang crime located in White City. Winters has had adequate chances to show us his best stuff, and I don't like what I see. He needs to go.

I strongly encourage every voter in Jackson County to vote for Corey Falls in November. For the safety of our community members, we need a new sheriff now. — Curt Ankerberg, Medford

In case any locals don't realize it, the number of killings by cops here exceeds any jurisdiction I've ever lived in when you compare populations.

I'm going strictly by MT reporting that the man in Ashland "displayed" a shotgun. The deputy could have decided to just back off and take the man down another time, but instead shot a weak old man to death. In case you also don't know, a cop cannot shoot someone for merely displaying a gun. The suspect has to make a move to point the gun at the cop, not just stand there holding a gun that probably was not pointed at the deputy at all.

But the grand jury will again be convened, the DA will tell them the shooting was justified again and the shooting will again be ruled legal. When cops want to save lives in such situations, they can. They can also force a confrontation. — Carl F. Worden, Eagle Point