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On June 7, we attended our grandson's graduation at South Medford High School and were seated in Spiegelberg Stadium.

The graduates were very courteous and polite while waiting to give their speeches and receive their diplomas. As the diplomas were being given out, many people began leaving the stadium en masse, blocking the aisles and view of those whose grads had yet to receive their diploma. My husband had to stand in the aisle to block people just to get a photo of our grandson receiving his diploma. The grandmother in front of us was attending her first grandson's graduation and was not able to see him receive his diploma, nor was she able to get a photo of this one-time-only event for her, due to these people's rude behavior.

The commencement program clearly stated that the audience was to remain seated until the grads left the field. We have never seen so many rude and selfish people! Are people so self-centered that they have no concern for others? We were absolutely appalled at their behavior. Congratulations to the graduates whose behavior was far more outstanding than many of the attendees. — Jack and Nancy Pyle, Grants Pass

Curt Ankerberg and Carl Worden, whose letters were published June 16, are not the judges, juries and executioners. They were not there and don't know everything that happened.

I'm not sticking up for the sheriff, as I agree we need a new one, but the deputies need a fair trial. I would guess, without being there, that the gun was pointed at them and they believed Earl Harris was going to pull the trigger or they would not have shot him. But I admit not really knowing as I wasn't there. The grand jury will make that decision knowing all the facts. If I was standing there and some person (I'm being nice) had a gun pointed at me, I'd shoot.

I did take offense at calling Harris a "weak old man." He was only 74. I know people 74 who are very active and healthy. Even if he was a weak old man he could still pull a trigger. I get so sick of people who judge the police officers who shoot others with a gun pointed at them.

Officers, keep up the good work and thank you for protecting our cities and county. — Judy Westcott, Talent

The Medford Food Project would like to thank the thousands of food donors and Neighbor Coordinators in Jacksonville, Central Point and Medford who made our food collection on Saturday a huge success. We brought in more in June than ever before: 26,600 pounds — more than 20,500 meals! This food goes directly to local food pantries, where it is distributed to our hungry neighbors.

We would also like to thank US Bank, our sponsor for the June pickup.

Every other month, the Medford Food Project picks up green bags full of food from our food donors in Jacksonville, Central Point and Medford. Our next pickup is Aug. 9. If you'd like to be a part of this all-volunteer effort, call 541-210-8288 or go to www.medfordfoodproject.com. Many thanks to our generous community. — Maisie Vanderhoof, The Medford Food Project