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It's not easy, amidst the glories of George Will's polysyllabic prose (MT June 22), to dig out precisely what high crimes and misdemeanors President Obama is purported to have committed that should lead to his removal from office. Assuming the case to be self-evident, Mr. Will devotes the latter half of his turgid column to the outline of a procedural lawsuit that would establish "standing" for the House of Representatives to impeach the president. Lightening the sobriety of the Mail Tribune's editorial page with such hilarious nonsense deserves the thanks of all the paper's loyal readers.

And now, from the news department, the fun continues with Speaker Boehner's announcement that he intends — following the laughable Mr. Will's suggestion — to sue President Obama. We should mute our complaints about the time and public funds to be expended on this effort. Better silly games than the serious damage the hapless House Repubs might do if they were not so distracted. — Wayne Slawson, Talent

Unfortunately, your reporter did not talk with me before writing his review of the Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center and Clinics.

I have received care at this facility since I retired from the Air Force in 1991 and have always been happy with the VA. On one occasion I requested Rep. Walden commend them for outstanding service. However, it is the veteran's responsibility to understand the system and make it work.

Do not go the VA with a bad attitude, do not be a jerk, do not expect to get help with hearing loss for shooting a gun on the target range 40 years ago that was not documented at the time it happened. Treat the VA staff with respect, be nice and joke with them, and they will respond accordingly.

Lastly, immediately upon separation from the military, notify the VA and be patient until you get into the system. Remember you are going there for free medical care. — Steve Holmes, retired captain, U.S. Air Force

In response to Michael Steely's letter to the editor (Friday, June 20, "Let the cops sort it out"), he is very wrong in assuming that every gun owner is a wacko.

Out of the estimated 55 million gun owners in this country, only a small percentage (1 percent) are found to have a mental illness and acquire a gun through legal means to later commit a violent crime. To say that "when we see someone with weaponry on display, we have no way of knowing which kind of wacko they are" is a blanket stereotype of every gun owner. To state that you should call 911 anytime you see a gun is a waste of police resources.

Oregon is an open carry state, and these "wackos" that he generalizes all of us to be might contain that one person who will step up to save his life in an otherwise fatal encounter — perhaps even a knife-wielding he does not like Oregon's open carry and concealed carry laws, there are other states (California, New York, Illinois) that would be better suited to his "gun owners are evil" viewpoint. — Kevin Canty, Eagle Point