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Letter: City’s ‘fix’ too costly

The City of Medford will pay Chris Reising $123,802 a year to share the job of city manager with Bill Hoke, who is being paid $138,800, to coordinate public works, building and planning in order "to make the process less cumbersome for developers."

This is supposedly needed because "a 2004 study ... found numerous flaws in the development services process" and "large projects get bogged down by ... bureaucratic hurdles." Now a developer will be able to ask Mr. Reising why he can’t get his permit.

Shouldn’t the person who is either holding up or denying a permit be able to tell the developer why, and what needs to be done to rectify the situation? If not, then why has that person denied or held up the permit in the first place? Shouldn’t the employees at building, planning and public works be capable of communicating with each other without having to pay someone to coordinate for them?

— Marti Hawes, Eagle Point