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Letter: Don’t ban guns

Guns should not be banned. We should be allowed to own guns to use for hunting. Hunting is a sport used for enjoyment with friends and family and to provide food for our families. We also need to be able to protect ourselves and our property. The Second Amendment in our Constitution gives us the right to bear arms.

I believe the U.S. should have more thorough background checks. A gun does not make anyone kill someone else! An altered mental state due to a medical problem or drug/alcohol problem is what makes a person pull the trigger that kills another human being! Guns are the device used, but not what did the killing.

A knife, a car, a hammer and a baseball bat could be used to kill in the hands of a person with an altered mental state. It is like when someone plays the trumpet. The trumpet is the device that is used to make sound, but the person has to blow, push the keys, and decide to play it. A gun is the device, but the person has to decide to aim the gun and pull the trigger.

— Brady Eiler, 12 years old, Jacksonville