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Letter: Israel is vulnerable

It appears that Marie of Phoenix is OK with Hamas firing indiscriminately and purposely at civilians in Israel. Israel’s size and location makes it very vulnerable to the 300 million who would like to see it and its 6 million people exterminated.

The League of Nations acknowledged Israel’s right to exist in a land where they had been for 3,500 years. Hamas and their like have accepted "land for peace," but certainly never upheld their part of the deal.

The Jews should have never given the Gaza Strip and the West Bank away; it just makes defending what is left of Israel more difficult. Even the U.N. has acknowledged that Hamas has stored weapons in civilian locations to raise the body count for PR purposes. Funny, Israel doesn’t dig tunnels to kill the people living in the "Strip."

War is hell! It is not fair. The Iron Dome works, keeping body counts down. Thoughtful peoples and countries want to make wars as short as possible.

— Bob Baker, Medford