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Letter: Consider career education

Oregon high schools in the past were required to teach a half credit of career education. That requirement has now transferred to Career Technical Education, or CTE. The Core Curriculum idea came about, and the career component became implemented as districts interpreted the law.

Preparing students for their world of work became optional, and titles like School To Work and Career Education were replaced with titles such as Career Related Learning Standards and Career Technical Education. Proficiency Based Curriculum has now become the "norm."

What is interesting with all these changes is that employers are now reporting that employees are coming with high school and college diplomas without "soft skills." Soft skills are defined as punctuality, attendance, problem solving, communication skills, team player, appropriate dress, integrity, flexibility, pride, and the ability to go the extra mile.

High Schools in Oregon have career technical classes that are approved by the state of Oregon and are required to implement soft skills.

Parents and students, when enrolling this fall at your high school, check out the CTE programs! Parents, know your student. Students, know who you are. Consider being enrolled in a CTE program that will guide you towards your future.

— Ralph E. Frey, Eagle Point