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Letter: Optimism defeats experience

Enthusiasts should continue to ski at Mt. Ashland as long as possible, but realistically the only way that facility will thrive into the next decades is to jack up Mt. Ashland about 3000 feet, or move it north a few thousand miles. Private parties should invest as they wish, but in this precarious time our tax dollars should be spent not only on businesses that are likely to have long-term success but in enterprises that benefit all of us, such as entrepreneurs who might protect our surface and ground water, help organic farms to thrive, tackle our energy problems, promote wellness or fuller employment. No matter how intelligent and excited the Mt. Ashland Association Board members may be, turning to outside support is not new for Mt. Ashland Ski Resort, and as of now chances of big snow are not looking good. Getting a taxpayers' business loan is a dubious achievement.

Nancy Ames, Siskiyou Pass near Mt. Ashland