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Letter: Editors got it right

Editors got it right

Your thoughtful editorial on day care operators and the use of marijuana medicine by some of them indicates that the licensing board is likely overstepping its legal authority by punishing operators who are following state law in their use of this medicine.

Foreseeing such punitive actions, we included the following language to preclude punishments such as those meted out to these law abiding daycare operators who use marijuana medically:

475.328 Limits on professional licensing board’s authority to sanction licensee for medical use of marijuana; authorizes licensed health care professional to administer medical marijuana

(1) No professional licensing board may impose a civil penalty or take other disciplinary action against a licensee based on the licensee's medical use of marijuana in accordance with the provisions of ORS 475.300 to 475.346 or actions taken by the licensee that are necessary to carry out the licensee's role as a designated primary caregiver to a person who possesses a lawful registry identification card.

The editors got it completely right when they said, "Either marijuana is medicine or it's not. State law says it is, so it should be treated as any other medication that can affect a patient's ability to do a job."

Laird Funk, Williams