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Letter: Getting away with it

Getting away with it

Mr. Paul Meyer and his Mountain View Paving company in Talent have violated building codes and land-use guidelines for 13 years. He continues to operate and menace public health because he has perfected the art of gaming the permitting process.

Despite numerous legal instructions by the county special hearings officer and the state Land Use Board of Appeals, he refuses to stop his illegal operation. A county Building Department official admitted that the department knew of Meyer’s code violations for years.

With the hot weather of summer, I wake up every morning in Talent to the acrid fumes of formaldehyde, asbestos and tar. Why hasn’t Jackson County done something to stop the code violations of Paul Meyer? I am literally sick and tired of Mr. Meyer’s gaming the permit process with the collusion of county officials.

Recently, we apprehended arsonists in our community who set fire to property, and sent them to jail. Why don’t we uphold the law here with this person? Mr. Meyer is burning up the public good of breathable air, but with a nod and a wink by the county government, the rest of us have to deal with our property rights, health and quality of life violated.

Torrey Byles, Talent