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Letters to the Editor

Editors got it right

Your thoughtful editorial on day care operators and the use of marijuana medicine by some of them indicates that the licensing board is likely overstepping its legal authority by punishing operators who are following state law in their use of this medicine.

Foreseeing such punitive actions, we included the following language to preclude punishments such as those meted out to these law abiding day care operators who use marijuana medically:

475.328 Limits on professional licensing board’s authority to sanction licensee for medical use of marijuana; authorizes licensed health care professional to administer medical marijuana

(1) No professional licensing board may impose a civil penalty or take other disciplinary action against a licensee based on the licensee's medical use of marijuana in accordance with the provisions of ORS 475.300 to 475.346 or actions taken by the licensee that are necessary to carry out the licensee's role as a designated primary caregiver to a person who possesses a lawful registry identification card.

The editors got it completely right when they said, "Either marijuana is medicine or it's not. State law says it is, so it should be treated as any other medication that can affect a patient's ability to do a job."

Laird Funk, Williams

Sheer hogwash

Gerson's column (July 29) has one thing right about the polarization of American politics: "a country is poorer for it".

After that, he writes sheer hogwash and, like Karl Rove, he wishes us to think black is white and down is up.

To say for Democrats, "governing has become a topic best avoided," takes a perverse mindset, considering the obstructionist tactics of a GOP-led House. Furthermore, Democrats have always been progressive and have their own internal pressure to be "innovative" and to "reach out." Unlike Republicans, they don't depend on outside pressure for those goals and therefore don't depend on Rovian lies to try to fool the public.

Don't believe for a minute that the GOP is now the party of reform. Don't believe Gerson's assertion that their goal "'is not to reduce social spending but to improve the functioning of social programs." For decades the GOP has been "starving the beast," and today our nation has deeper problems because of it. Think immigration, think VA, think infrastructure.

Don't believe that the "GOP is the party of reform — and that our politics are the richer for it." The GOP is the party of business and wealth and we the middle class are the poorer for it.

Myrl Bishop, Ashland

'Godspell' is a gem

A group from our Rotary club attended a preview performance of the musical “Godspell” at the Randall Theater, and were overwhelmed by the quality of the production. Producer Robin Downward has brought together an ensemble cast of exceptional caliber for a community theater.

The price is also exceptional, at $15 (plus they have a “pay what you want” policy in effect 30 minutes before shows), making it the best live theater value in the Rogue Valley. I strongly urge everyone to attend one of the performances running Thursdays through Sundays until Aug. 17, and bring the family for a memorable theater experience.

Mike Mace, Medford

Stop reliving the past

Diana Wagman (MT Aug. 2), and those like her, can’t allow the country to change. She insists her daughter remember the terrible days of the civil rights movement. It’s OK to remember, but it’s not okay to relive them, constantly looking over your shoulder in fear and instilling that fear in others because someone might say something about your Star of David necklace. The vast majority of people don’t care.

There is never going to be a place on earth where everyone absolutely loves everyone else. It’s not going to happen. If it were, then communes would be the mode of living everywhere. But we have come so far and that improvement has to be accepted. Why do those like Wagman insist on denigrating any improvement? If living in the past with all its hate and fears was doing any good, then why are there parts of the world still killing each other over wrongs committed thousands of years ago? To insist the original problem still exists is just continuously fueling the fire. No progress will ever be made while living in the past and insisting that the original hate still exists.

Pat Butler, Medford