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Letters to the Editor

'Godspell' is a gem

 A group from our Rotary club attended a preview performance of the musical “Godspell” at the Randall Theater, and were overwhelmed by the quality of the production. Producer Robin Downward has brought together an ensemble cast of exceptional caliber for a community theater.

 The price is also exceptional, at $15 (plus they have a “pay what you want” policy in effect 30 minutes before shows), making it the best live theater value in the Rogue Valley. I strongly urge everyone to attend one of the performances running Thursdays through Sundays until Aug. 17, and bring the family for a memorable theater experience.

Mike Mace, Medford

Stop reliving the past

 Diana Wagman (MT Aug. 2), and those like her, can’t allow the country to change. She insists her daughter remember the terrible days of the civil rights movement. It’s OK to remember, but it’s not okay to relive them, constantly looking over your shoulder in fear and instilling that fear in others because someone might say something about your Star of David necklace. The vast majority of people don’t care.

 There is never going to be a place on earth where everyone absolutely loves everyone else. It’s not going to happen. If it were, then communes would be the mode of living everywhere. But we have come so far and that improvement has to be accepted. Why do those like Wagman insist on denigrating any improvement? If living in the past with all its hate and fears was doing any good, then why are there parts of the world still killing each other over wrongs committed thousands of years ago? To insist the original problem still exists is just continuously fueling the fire. No progress will ever be made while living in the past and insisting that the original hate still exists.

Pat Butler, Medford


Science shouldn't be partisan

I have worked in the arena of climate science for many years. Very few of the individuals I have met approach our human-induced climate destruction from a partisan perspective.

Not many years ago, concern about sustainable management and environmental protection was bipartisan. Despite the fact that Republican President Teddy Roosevelt championed environmental protection and Richard Nixon signed into law the bi-partisan Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts while establishing the Environmental Protection Agency, it seems that environmental protection and science itself, have become partisan.

Unfortunately, many Republican representatives now reject science by promoting unscientific opinions about female reproductive biology and insisting that scientifically established evolutionary principles are merely unsupported opinion. Most depressingly, at all levels of government, many elected Republicans flatly deny the overwhelming scientific evidence documenting that the planet is warming and humans are contributing.

We desperately need politicians of all affiliations to accept clearly demonstrated scientific conclusions even when they seem to challenge philosophical beliefs. Only then can we begin to discuss intelligently how to address the daunting problems.

This letter is a plea to Republicans everywhere to reject this anti-science stance and join discussions of how to address scientifically demonstrated problems such as climate destruction.

Alan Journet, Jacksonville

Re-elect Bates

I write to add my voice to the chorus of voters who support re-electing Senator Alan Bates.

As a health care provider, I am aware of Dr. Bates’ sterling reputation as a physician. The care he gives his patients is reflected in his understanding of the needs of the people of Southern Oregon. His career in public service exhibits this passionate concern.

Among the people I serve, I have seen many positive effects of the health care expansion and improvements to delivery he helped implement, allowing people to receive care before they are in crisis and granting freer access to specialists when necessary. Apart from health care, his comprehensive work to make an even better Oregon encompasses our economy, public safety, the environment and education. Join me in keeping the momentum going by granting Senator Bates another term in Salem.

Laurel Brown, Jacksonville