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Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Aug. 12

Find cause of toxic algae

This summer, the Mail Tribune published an article, again, warning the public about toxic algae blooms at Lost Creek Reservoir. We are told to avoid water contact, keep our pets away from it and anglers are told to catch and release. We are reminded that exposure to such toxins can cause numbness, difficulty breathing and heart problems, and that dogs died near the Umpqua River.

Warning the public is important, but what is causing these algae blooms and what is being done to stop them?

A drinking water ban was recently imposed for hundreds of thousands of people in Toledo, Ohio. The culprit of this crisis was an algal bloom caused by agricultural pollution.

While Rogue Valley residents enjoy water from Big Butte Springs, we also supplement from the Rogue below Lost Creek. Rather than wait until we face a crisis like Toledo, we should figure out what is causing the recurring toxic algae problem in Lost Creek and work to prevent further harm to the river, aquatic communities, the tourism economy, and potentially, drinking water supplies.

This year’s drought is a sounding alarm that our water supplies are limited and precious. We should start treating them that way.

Lesley Adams, Phoenix

Kill that subversive strip

 The Grizzwells strip of Friday, Aug. 8, is a not-so-thinly veiled appeal to progressivist wonks who care more about the environment than profit and convenience, the capitalist pursuits that make this country great. The author, Mr. Schorr, or should I call him comrade, is clearly a subversive pinko bent on further melting the brains of the liberals who can’t find the opinion section (because of not having opposable thumbs). I propose that we censor all dissenting opinions from the comics page as well as any hint of humor beyond fat jokes and farts, because that’s what makes America great. I’m sure we can all agree that Big Nate is the best and most amusing example of patriotic values available to us today; could we just expand it to fill the page fully?

 Alice MacIver, Medford