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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 15

Senators are math-challenged

Apparently our two Democratic senators, Wyden and Merkley, have so little knowledge of basic math that for them a ratio of 1 out of 20 equals 50 percent! In order to jump on the anti-VA bandwagon, they rushed to accept results of a survey of schedulers at the VA in White City, to show it, too, uses fraudulent scheduling numbers. The VA is not perfect, but 1:20 = 50 percent is not how I learned it. 

P. Moran, Medford

Oregon's health experiment

The Oregon health experiment created two similar groups by random drawing in 2008. Only one group was enrolled in Medicaid. Those in Medicaid did receive more preventative care. In 2012, this Medicaid group did not show a greater improvement in health (based on measurements such as blood-pressure, cholesterol and glycosated hemoglobin levels).

Cover Oregon is increasing the number enrolled in Medicaid and putting Oregon on a path towards bankruptcy. Give thanks to Dr. Kitzhaber and Dr. Bates.

P.S. Universal health insurance coverage (single payer) doesn’t guarantee access (lack of MDs) nor improvement in health(Oregon health experiment).

How did we get into this mess? I guess one must give blame to the voters who re-elected President Obama. It is obvious that our president lied to the American people to get re-elected. He knowingly lied about the ramifications of Obamacare.

Our press allowed this lying to happen. How many reporters read the Obamacare tax law? The Mail Tribune failed to give jeers for lying. Will the Mail Tribune back the vested liar Hillary?

Recently passed Oregon laws will give greater access to marijuana. Some children will suffer. Give thanks to Dr. Bates and Dr. Kitzhaber. Will some Medicaid patients get free marijuana?

Bill Hartley, Medford

Follow Walgreens' struggle

Congratulations on the new format. It is refreshing to see local news at the front of the paper.

However, the MT is not paying attention to Walgreens' struggle to be a patriotic company. Since announcing it would not move corporate ownership abroad, the company has been lauded by everyone except Wall Street, which has cut its stock 20 percent due to Wall Street's contention that companies owe nothing to the country. Why not cover this greedy, slimy story of how Wall Street feels about the country and its people? Could it be ownership of the paper is moving offshore?

Gus R. Johnson, Jacksonville

Glad to see rebuttal

I was glad to see Russ Smith's rebuttal to Ralph Bowman's anti-Semitic tirade in the Mail Tribune (Letters to the Editor, July 30).

Bowman explained just what is going on in the Hamas-Israel conflict, only he has it all wrong; he has it in reverse. It is Hamas that has initiated the shelling and killing, with Israel trying to protect its people with retaliation.

Through the centuries all Middle Eastern people have been jealous and renounced Israel because the Israelites are God's chosen people: "out of all nations you will be my treasured possession." — Exodus 19:5

Marilyn Huntsman, Central Point

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 15