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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 19

Keno multiplier is a rip-off

Last week I played three games on each Keno Multiplier Ticket. I purchased four tickets. In order to play one game of Keno, it cost a dollar, but having the multiplier they each cost two dollars — an extra buck.

Not once did the multiplier come up "times two" or more. So, in essence, I lost my extra buck for each game automatically, and if I had won, it would not multiply. When "times one" comes up, which is often, anyone playing the multiplier is really just playing regular Keno, hence a rip-off to the public!

Any lottery game with either the so-called "kicker" or multiplier ought be exactly as it says, an increase if one wins, either "times two" or more, but not times one, the rip-off!

Jeff Kassman, Ashland

Is it only make-believe?

Most scientists agree humans are causing climate change, yet many refuse to believe it. Once, intelligent people didn't believe the world was round or the earth circled the sun, either.

Is it a human condition to deny a big problem rather than face the consequences? Deniers give many reasons for today's climate change: a myth, a natural cycle, and God made this world to perfection, so why worry? None is backed with hard science. If we are called to be good stewards of the earth, we should not allow the ignorance and greed of a few to destroy it.

There are those with political and monetary power who, through their lies, ignore the common good for our planet and its inhabitants. Like spoiled children, they covet their power and money more.

We can't ignore the drastic changes in the climate and its effects. If you don't believe it is caused by humans, then consider that even after an “act of God” we must learn to change our habits and to live at peace with nature, or suffer more.

We must reach out to each other for this crucial common cause and not let ignorance divide us.

Diana O'Farrell, Ashland

Vote conservative? Seriously?

A recent letter urged voters to vote conservative. Really? The last time we did that, we took our eye off of Osama bin Laden and got an ill-advised war in Iraq. Unemployment was double digit and the stock market was around 700 and sinking like a rock.

Look at the states where conservatives rule. Regardless of what they campaign on (jobs!) when elected, they introduce bills to end abortion, restrict voting rights (to fix a nonexistent voter fraud problem), cut taxes on businesses and the rich, increase military spending and encourage a military solution for every foreign policy problem.

Oh, and let's vote again to end Obamacare and put 30 million newly-insured people back in emergency rooms instead of doctor's offices. You asked for a Romney-like business model for our government. When Obama acts like a business owner and acts without Congress, he gets sued!

Today the stock market is hovering at record highs. Unemployment is lower than any time in the last 10 years. We ended a war in Iraq and are ending another in Afghanistan and bin Laden is dead. There's more, but space is limited. Not bad for Socialist President Blackenstein from Kenya.

Mike Curtis, Shady Cove

Test the police

A new law must be ordered to control the killing of unarmed people by the police all across the country.

All police including superiors in city, county and state offices should be required to pass tests (lie detector machines) prior to being hired, and annually before Jan. 1 of each year.

The exams should prove the fitness both mentally and physically to qualify a person to be a police officer and deal with the public at large. The exams could help a lot to disqualify some people who are not fit to be police officers. The tests should be done by the state attorney general in each state. An independent licensed psychiatrist should analyze the result.

Edmond D. Vongehr, Medford