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Letters to the Editor, Aug. 25

Very special thanks

A special thanks must be passed on to our local and extended community who were hard at work last week fighting the fire on Rogue River Drive.

Living so close to where the fire began is absolutely frightening. It must be said that because of the diligent work from the firefighters and all who were involved, we are so appreciative. The presence of the workers helped to calm the hearts and minds of those of us at home who needed to be ready to evacuate.

Knowing they were constantly working and doing all they could to protect our homes gave a great sense of security. They were checking in on us daily to update us on the severity of the fire and that was reassuring. Thank you to all the workers who were flying, who were on the ground at the site of the fire, for those who were patrolling Rogue River Drive keeping excess traffic away, for those going door to door to get accountability of homes and for all others on scene and behind the scenes putting the entire project together.

I feel so blessed knowing that this is how we take care of our community and the communities around our country. Thank you!

Karla Huntley, Eagle Point

That was then

Most Americans seem appalled at the militarization of police forces as evident in the Ferguson riots. However, consider that this is at least in part a consequence of the frightening firepower police now potentially face when confronting lawlessness.

Many years ago, opponents of the renewal of the assault weapons ban made the case that criminals didn't use such weapons, so there was no purpose for the ban. That was then.

Ted Gibbs, Ashland

Cartoon was disgusting

What are you thinking running such a ridiculous so called "cartoon" on the opinion page, "Miranda Rights for Blacks"? Your "cartoon" states that the police want to racially profile, beat or shoot black people. This is unacceptable and unbelievable.

We have a son and a son-in-law who are both police officers. They put their lives on the line every day protecting the public, black, brown, white or whatever color they may be. They, along with the majority of police officers, are dedicated men and women who care about our safety. We pray for our kids every time they go on shift, because we know how dangerous their jobs can be.

The choice of printing this "cartoon" by the MT shows how they feel about police officers. Sorry Medford Police Department and Jackson County Sheriff's Office, but unlike the Mail Tribune, most of us support and appreciate you.

We realize there are both good and bad political cartoons, and we realize the MT has a choice of which ones they will print, but this "cartoon" was neither good nor bad, it was disgusting!

Larry and Sherry Self, Medford

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 25