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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 12

Moro is impressive

I'm not easily impressed by political candidates. But in meeting Tonia Moro, I witnessed a convincing presentation.

First, she is not a politician and she tells us she doesn't have all the answers. Refreshing. She had never seriously considered running for office until now.

Why is she running? Tonia sees issues in our community that need attention and she feels obligated to serve.

Qualified? She has practiced law in the Rogue Valley for 24 years, an attorney who is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. Her practice is perfect for the office as she has represented local communities including Jacksonville and Talent, businesses, financial institutions, nonprofits and individuals. It is apparent to me that she is a problem-solver, both as a person and a professional. She is community oriented and as a Rotarian, worked to address community problems.

Vote for Jackson County. Vote for Tonia.

David Asche, Medford

A year is not speedy

While I don't presume to judge the guilt or innocence of Susan Monica, I think that she has a very valid point in her objection to the fact that she has been imprisoned for nine months, and likely will have to wait several more months in jail, without trial. While Judge Tim Barnack's statement that it is not unusual for murder trials to last one year or more may be true, I don't think that any reasonable person, and certainly not the framers of the constitution, would agree that one year or more constitutes a "speedy trial".

Art McKinney, Medford

Play has plenty of action

Regarding Bill Varble’s review of our production of “Freud’s Last Session,” it is true that plays about the exchange of ideas, (even the  existence of God) are not everyone’s cup of tea — and to those folks, I say: enjoy your pizza. But I take issue with the claim that the play has no conflagration and no action. While it would be impossible for an accurate biographical sketch to depict these men in a fistfight, their argument reaches the apex of passion over Freud’s intention to use physician-assisted suicide to escape the final agonies of jaw cancer.

Varble says the “men have no existential stake in the outcome” of their atheist-versus-Christian positions. Not true. Without his scientific worldview, Freud (with a religious upbringing) would not have the self-permission to choose aid in dying. And Lewis, without Christianity, would not adhere to a code of chastity — one he did not follow as a young atheist.

Both men make critical choices based on their beliefs. Freud’s is imminent. There is far more at stake than how many angels dance on a pin. We produced this play because everyone asks and somehow answers this question for themselves, and makes life choices accordingly.

Jeannine Grizzard, artistic director emerita, Ashland Contemporary Theatre

Form a new army

Over many years I've been thinking about how peace could be achieved. Every conflict seems to be caused or resolved by USA intervention. Why couldn't the other countries have protection through a new army?

Forget about the U.N. or the Arab League. Form a new U.N. with ex-generals and retired special forces from around the world trained to kill. The force needs Navy SEALS, Army Rangers, Green Berets, Royal Special Forces, Turks, Kurds, etc.

This would take years if it ever were to happen. Of course, the people chosen would still have to be fit enough and want to serve.

I'm sure a lot of folks who read this will think I'm nuts, and maybe I am. But the U.S. cannot continue to police the world and pay for it. 

Steve Earl, Jacksonville

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 12