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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 16

Ad is offensive

I'm relieved to read that the offensive, lying ad about Senator Merkley will be pulled by the out-of-state Koch brothers. He has been a conscientious, wise representative for the people of Oregon, and if I weren't already planning to vote for him again, I'd do so, after seeing this ridiculous ad.

Dorothy C. Brooks, Ashland

Vote for Dotterrer

Alan Bates failed in his legislative duty to oversee Cover Oregon, resulting in $280 million wasted. Even those who applied on paper wasted their time and must start over.

Meanwhile, Southern Oregon continues to languish economically, with 9 percent unemployment and our kids forced to move away for jobs. We need a change, and we have a superb alternative in Dave Dotterrer.

As a colonel at the Pentagon he commanded 1,200 Marines and managed a multi-million-dollar budget. For the past three years he has served in Salem as a budget analyst. He understands how to carefully manage budgets and the need to encourage job growth by reducing government drag through oppressive taxes/regulation. His experience has prepared him for effective leadership from his first day in office.

It's rare to have a candidate of such caliber. Let’s end the status quo of slow economic death. Please vote Dave Dotterrer.

Lynn Barton, Medford

School zones confusing

Another school year has started and yet I am puzzled as to why the school district has failed to address the confusion regarding the school speed limit on Springbrook Road just east of North Medford High School. Not that there is a problem with the 20-mph speed limit, but how confusing it is to know when it is a school day or when it is not.

Several of the children in our family attend other school districts, and we try to keep track of when school is in session. Needless to say, there are many people who travel this street who have no idea of whether it's a school day or not.

I have followed many of these drivers, who are either going too fast because they believed there was no school, or creeping along in a 35-mph zone when in fact school is not in session. Add to that the fact that the Medford police have their photo speed trap set up to catch the motorist who might not be sure.

The solution to the confusion would be a flashing light at both ends of the area. I have seen these in other school districts that are far less affluent, and they work well.

Robert Donnell, Medford

Manor residents are wonderful

I would like to respond to the letter from Ms. Shaw — “Manor coverage annoying.”

I had the great honor of working at Rogue Valley Manor for many years and know that the residents are some of the most caring, giving, intelligent and wonderful folks that you could ever know. They provide an incredible amount of support and volunteerism throughout our Rogue Valley.

They support our community in almost every aspect through their giving of time, their resources and their knowledge. They mentor young women and men through their Fairy Godmother and Manor Mentor Programs, they serve on boards, they work diligently to support the our valley’s nonprofits, arts, culture, libraries, schools and affordable housing, just to name a few. They have logged hundreds of thousands of hours volunteering in our hospitals, schools and community organizations.

I believe that, if it were not for the great folks that live at the Rogue Valley Manor, our community would not be nearly as wonderful as it is.

Kevin McLoughlin, Medford

Do some research

Regarding "Manor coverage annoying": May I suggest Carolyn Shaw do research and/or homework before she comments on the residents of Rogue Valley Manor.

Pat Parsons, Medford