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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 23

Helfrich for mayor

As Phoenix enters its second hundred years as a city, it is in a position to realize its full potential. The next few years are critical and require a mayor with vision. I urge you to vote for Terry Helfrich. He's been a resident for the past 35 years, of which 20-plus have been serving his community — 16 years on the planning commission, two terms on the City Council, Urban Renewal Board and too many committees to mention. Terry knows RPS (Regional Problem Solving) and worked through the process for the Phoenix interchange. This is the experience needed for Phoenix to prosper and grow.

Terry is personable and relates well to people. He gives the city a regional presence. His knowledge of the challenges ahead will move Phoenix forward and Phoenix will be "open for business." As a past planning commissioner and councilor I urge you, vote Terry Helfrich for mayor.

Mike Stitt, Phoenix

Step up, Monica

When the Merkley attack ads started popping up when I was trying to watch my favorite YouTube video, I finally got fed up. They know my computer lives in Oregon. Spooky. They being Davey and Charley Koch, “Freedom” Partners/Chamber of Commerce/$$$. So where is Monica Wehby in the ad? Nowhere. I guess she has been told to keep quiet and hide behind the cloak of silence while her big brothers' money hammers Merkley. Meaning, she has no agenda apart from Koch Speak? Step up, Monica. Inquiring Oregonian minds want to know what you stand for.

Ralph Bowman, Central Point

The pot is warming

Legend suggests that frogs will swim with blissful ignorance in a warming pot — until cooked. Humans shouldn’t exhibit the same behavior even if half our population (those born after 1985) have only known a warming world. But when we ignore the warnings of climate scientists around the world, that is just what we are doing. However, if we used our brains:

We would stop feeding the global warming fire with continued fossil fuel consumption.

We would demand that our elected representatives work to stop greenhouse gas emissions that are spewing ever faster and more dangerously into our atmosphere.

We would demand they tax the worst polluters; that they stop giving huge subsidies to polluters, and that they work for us, instead of the fossil fuel industries.

Interestingly, PricewaterhouseCoopers recently projected economic collapse in 20 years if we fail to address climate change; obviously even staid accountants now understand we are destroying our world.

Our votes are critical. Polluters like Koch Industries are purchasing representatives willing to destroy our planet with their votes. And we need to understand that political ads carping about taxes and government regulation are the siren song of the polluters destroying our world for one last red-hot shekel.

Lee Lull, Talent

Thanks, but no thanks

Goodhearted car drivers on a thoroughfare will often choose to stop for bicyclists who await an opening in traffic to cross or commit to a left-hand turn. Bicyclists frown on this noble gesture.

Why? Because cars coming behind the stopped car will not realize why the car has stopped and will simply pass. Get the picture?

Such driver courtesy is well intended but very dangerous. On any thoroughfare, please don't attempt to stop for bicyclists waiting to cross or do a left hand turn. Bicyclists are vehicles and are subject to the same rules of the road as motor vehicles. Bicyclists know to wait for a safe opening in traffic just as car drivers do.

Phil Gagnon, Ashland

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 23