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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 29

Another view on spraying

Four recent studies have found that exposure to certain herbicides are associated with a significantly higher risk of breast cancer. These herbicides are used widely — in parks, golf courses, orchards, schools, residential lawns, and just about everywhere spraying is done.

Tricolpyr (Garlon 4) is one of those herbicides, and is being used by the city of Medford in our parks. It was the herbicide used in the ongoing "overspray" controversy.

Unfortunately, Oregon is among the 12 states that have the highest rate of breast cancer. These statistics are astonishing.

Research lags behind our use of these chemicals. Even when pesticides such as DDT are banned, we find their residues many years later in our soil, water, food and even in our bodies. Studies help us understand the consequences of deliberately adding toxic chemicals to our environment, but study results sometimes come too late for those who have been exposed to these dangerous poisons.

What do we know about the synthetic pesticides that are being sprayed in Medford? There should be greater transparency about what our government sprays. I, for one, would like to know more about our city's spray practices: what are they spraying, when, where, and why!

Char Leigh, Medford

Living on borrowed time

I recently read that Portugal's currency dominated the world from 1450-1530. Spain dominated it from 1530-1640.

The Netherlands owned this title from 1640-1720. After that France dominated it from 1720-1815. Next came Great Britain who dominated it from 1815-1920. After 1920, the U.S. dollar became the world reserve currency.

We see that the world's dominant currencies lasted for periods of less than 100 years. To go along with this, I found the following statement: "History shows that the great nations in history have lasted about 200 years and went through the following sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from great courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness, from selfishness to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence to moral degradation and from moral degradation back to bondage." Thus, it seems to me that, based on history, the dollar and our nation are living on borrowed time.

Gordon DeVos, Medford

Get the checkup

Look at your wife as if it's the last time ever. Speak to her knowing it might be the last chance to hear her voice. Give her a moment of your time, all the time, and she will love you forever.

In the eight years of my wife's lost battle to cancer, I know it was preventable. Early detection is a must for your gal, your daughter, your best friend.

I thought it was forever, I thought it meant lifelong — but 20 years later,something went very wrong. People tell you it will pass, I will go on, but John Denver sang it best: "Sometimes I feel like a sad song because I'm all alone without you."

Sept. 24, 2007 was the day my music died a little. Don't let it happen to you, fellas. Make sure she gets checked every year.

Ricky Steven Boyd, Medford

Feel the pride

I came forth out of World War II. I inherited the absolute courage and passion for this country, as those who died so I might live.

Our enemies are saying the flag of Islam will fly over the White House, but I say, let our flag eat their flag. It will never be, as long as I have a breath in my body.

Feel the pride for this country again!

Joan White, Medford

Why I support Talbert

I support Kevin Talbert for county commissioner not only because he’s bright, experienced, and committed to serve the common good.

His opponent, Colleen Roberts, is a deeply flawed candidate. Calling herself a “critical thinker,” her recent statements include a proposal to “give” our federal lands “back to the state.” As a licensed land surveyor I know about our public lands’ past history. But it doesn’t take deep familiarity with the subject to know that Oregon’s federal lands (other than 2 square miles within each township, given by the federal government to the states for the purpose of supporting education) never, ever, belonged to Oregon. Ignoring the plentiful evidence of this, “local-control” believers insist these were originally “state” lands. Not so.

We recently had a commissioner whose fact-challenged beliefs led to waste of taxpayer funds in fruitless lawsuits against the state. Colleen Roberts would likely be inclined to do the same.

Joseph Bova, Ashland

Letters to the Editor, Sept. 29