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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 30

Time to turn Bates out

Alan Bates supporters are claiming that exposure of his voting record is “negative.” That’s because the truth hurts and Alan Bates does not like seeing his own substance-free advertisements exposed for the empty platitudes that they are.

His voting record is a matter of record and provides valuable information about how poorly we have been served by him for the past decade. The time has come to turn him out, and vote Dave Dotterrer in to the Oregon State Senate.

Jo French, Ashland

Vote yes on 92

Thanks to Mr. Pischel for acknowledging the amazing Luther Burbank in his Sept. 22 letter to the editor. As he knows, Mr. Burbank developed over 800 varieties of fruit, vegetables, and flowers. He employed classic genetics and methods that plant and animal breeders had always used.

He should know that 21st century genetics is a whole different story. Genetic engineering and genetically engineered organisms are a totally different process than the selective breeding, hybridizing, grafting, tissue culturing, even cloning of traditional agriculture and horticulture.

As for labeling GMO products: shouldn't I have the right to know what is in the food I serve to my grandchildren? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has failed us on this issue.

In 2002, in Oregon we voted on labeling GMO food. I believe ignorance and apathy defeated that measure. Let’s get it right this time. Vote yes on Measure 92.

Dave Garcia, Medford

All about the money

I really hate being reminded how naive I can be! I should have known. While totally against the Medford City Council's so-called moratorium on medical marijuana, I was at least willing to believe, and respect, that they were standing up for their beliefs.

It was all about the money. There's no money in medical marijuana. Forget the fact that they are perpetuating the black market. Forget that they are being contrary to Oregon state law. Forget that the sick are suffering. Apparently, the City Council has also forgotten their "we won't support anything that breaks federal law" stance. No consideration for sick people, simply trying to obtain their medicine in a safe and healthy manner.

It was all about the money — so, it's OK to "tax" a federally illegal substance. It's OK to pick and choose which laws they will adhere to, or not. I guess I should have "gotten it" when they broke their own law regarding alcohol on city property. I hate being proven that being cynical is the way to go! Now, let's see how our other cities/towns react. Will my own city also prove to me that I'm naive? We'll see ...

Mark D. Cole, Central Point

Ditch the flat roofs

Nearly 80 percent of the firefighters who will work and live in the three new fire stations prefer the design with the gabled roof.

Our city councilors prefer the box-shaped design with the flat roof. A design that is the same box shape as every other city building that has been approved by the council in the past 15 or more years.

How unoriginal! How unattractive! Walk down Oakdale from Stewart to 11th and notice that each historic home is different. Continue walking to Eighth and view government buildings that are all rectangular blocks of concrete.

When there is an option to add a detail that will break up this monotonous architecture, I place my vote with the overwhelming majority of firefighters. Let’s make the fire stations as attractive as possible and eliminate the flat roofs.

BJ Buxton, Medford

Vote for Moro

Many years ago, I had the honor to serve for 12 years as an elected county commissioner in Linn County. In that time, I met many commissioners from Oregon’s other 36 counties, and worked closely with six fellow commissioners on the Linn County board. Now, as a Jackson County resident, I was quite surprised and relieved to recently get to know Tonia Moro, candidate for Jackson County commissioner position 1.

Tonia Moro is an intelligent, thoughtful, courteous and above all, patient individual. She will make great, independent contributions to the Jackson County Board of Commissioners. This is a chance for new, refreshing change in leadership on the board. I urge voters to cast their ballots for Tonia Moro next month.

Richard Stach, Medford