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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 9

Cheers for cleanup

I'm sorry this is a little late, but I just have to give my cheers (thumbs up) to Bob and Renee Aaronson, and grandson, Bryden Norris, for cleaning up Howard Prairie Lake and the surrounding area while the water level is low. Awesome! And great article, too!

Carrie Driskell, Butte Falls

The answers are clear

In Southern Oregon, we are experiencing warmer temperatures, an extended drought, decreasing snowfall, and another year with a fire season way longer than used to be the case. For many local farmers, foresters and resort operators, the economic costs are real and substantial.

One can stick one’s head in the sand, ignore the climate science experts and pretend this is all part of a natural cycle. The difficulty of adopting this explanation is that the cause has to be some phenomenon unknown to science since all factors known to cause these climate patterns fail to exhibit a relationship with the current warming.

After pointing out that the climate change consequences of global warming are affecting every continent, are costly, and are consequential, U.N Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recently asked a critical question: “Instead of asking if we can afford to act, we should be asking what is stopping us, who is stopping us, and why.”

The answers are clear: we are being stopped by fossil fuel corporations using their massive profits to fund campaigns of lies, many voters accepting these lies, followed by representatives accepting lies and denying science. The motive is supporting political and economic philosophies devoted to greed.

Julia M. Rodriguez, Ashland

Voting for Dyer

After studying the four candidates running for Jackson County commissioner, I’ve come to the conclusion that Rick Dyer is the only candidate with the ability to accomplish our county’s goals. If you look at his website, you will see his qualifications and what he wants to accomplish in the future. No other candidate possesses this unique combination of skills, background, goals and attributes. Just consider:

  • A 40-year resident of the Rogue Valley
  • An SOC graduate with a degree in accounting and business administration
  • A law degree
  • Upper management experience in large corporations here in Jackson County
  • A small business owner
  • Married with a 10-year-old son in Medford schools

Can any of the other candidates come close to matching this list? Absolutely not. Please join me and many others in voting for Rick Dyer for Jackson County commissioner position 1.

Stan Reiter, Central Point

Vote for Roberts

Where to begin! When you can’t argue on the merits of the issues you attack the candidate and change the subject, and that is what Joseph Bova did in his letter “Why I support Talbert.”

To call a candidate “deeply flawed” is quite a leap based on whether or not federal Lands once belonged to the state or they simply never got turned over to the state as they were east of the Mississippi. Talbert can’t debate the land ownership issue because he is solidly in the camp that federal ownership is best. Colleen Roberts favors local control and smaller government, both of which run counter to the opinion of her opponent. Those who think it is time for a commissioner who will question new programs and not fall for every grant-backed federal program should vote for Roberts.

Ken Fawcett, Ashland

Lane is qualified

I have known Donna Lane since 2006, when I became the director of the SOU Small Business Development Center (SBDC).

As the chairwoman of the SOU School of Business, Donna provided leadership focused foremost on providing high-quality education to students. She was instrumental in keeping the department strong, viable and cohesive through challenging times, and for producing graduates who were ready to enter the professional workforce. I attribute this to Donna’s ability to stand on good principles, her resiliency and willingness to put the well-being of her constituents first.

As the director of the SOU SBDC, I am especially interested in Donna’s experience as a small-business owner. She understands the challenges involved with small-business management and what it takes to create a sustainable business that creates jobs. Donna’s blend of intelligence, business ownership and stamina to put constituent issues first make her a highly qualified candidate for city council.

Jack Vitacco, director, SOU Small Business Development Center

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 9