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Election Letters, Oct. 13

Voting for Roberts

As the first candidate ever in Jackson County to win both the Republican and Democratic nomination, Colleen Roberts is just the person we need as county commissioner.

She is a business owner, and knows about budgets, spending, and especially being there to serve those in Jackson County.

I don't know about you, but my vote is going to Colleen Roberts!

Ethan Hill, Eagle Point

Yes on 92

What’s up with the Measure 92 GMO labeling controversy? Why isn’t everyone for the labeling law? Don’t we all want to know what is in the food we eat? We should. We would like to believe that all our foods come from nature, but sadly, that's far from the case.

Opponents claim Measure 92 is a blow against “modern farming practices.” Huh? LOL. The pro-92 folks seem more analogous to a crowd of peasants with pitchforks and torches advancing on Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory demanding to see those “babies” being created therein.

We the people are catching on. What’s in our foods? Inquiring minds want to know.

Come on, big corporate money interests. Get on board with some good advertising slogans: “Get your GMOs here — no extra charge.” Or, how about this: “Our product meets or exceeds the government RDA for GMOs.”

Try Measure 92. You’ll love the taste.

Pat Patterson, Central Point

Vote no on 90

Independents are the party of "I know better." They think they can pick and choose among parties and candidates and vote for the best, regardless of affiliation. This is the spirit behind the proposed "open primary" measure on the November ballot.

One problem with this is that polling shows that independent voters are just as polarized as the rest of the electorate. It is an illusion to imagine that better candidates will emerge if we interfere with the process by which parties select their own candidates.

The basic idea of a political party is for people to unite around a shared political agenda and try to advance it through the electoral process. The open primary is destructive of this sensible idea. The California experience has shown more than once that the result of an open primary can be two candidates of the same party facing one another in the general election. This is a needless waste of party resources.

Michael Sanford, Ashland

Voting for Talbert

I am voting for Kevin Talbert for county commissioner because I have personally experienced his commitment to collaborative problem solving.

I worked with Kevin on the conceptualization and building of the Higher Education Center. Southern Oregon University and Rogue Community College had differing needs; Kevin was masterful at bringing both organizations together to ensure that our decisions were always made by putting the students first. His facilitation led to outcomes that both institutions supported.

Kevin's life experiences, as an administrative leader at SOU and as a board member at RCC and Thrive, have been reflective of someone who understands that problem solving happens only when all parties have a voice. He seeks to understand by listening. He asks clarifying questions and makes no assumptions. Kevin carefully weighs options while keeping an open mind. He understands how to help all parties find common ground through shared interests.

Vickie Purslow, Ashland

Vote for Roberts

Colleen Roberts is the clear choice for county commissioner. Unlike her opponent, she’s a long-time business owner and understands the struggles and opportunities of small business ownership.

For the last 25 years, she’s signed the front of the check, not the back. She holds a master's degree in business and understands budgets with a keen eye for trimming them when necessary. She’s for a smaller, smarter government and a strong advocate for private property rights.

Her common-sense message resonated so strongly with both sides of the aisle that Republicans and Democrats choose her in the primary to be their commissioner. If you're looking for someone with actual knowledge of how the real world works, someone who's for a smaller, smarter government, believes the Constitution is more than just a piece of paper and our natural resources are ours to use responsibly, vote for Colleen Roberts for county commissioner.

Linda Mounts, Jacksonville

Proud to serve with Bates

The recent MT editorial may be correct in stating the Dotterrer campaign is not a negative one. But I’m looking at a recent mailer that is clearly a distortion of Alan Bates’ record, combined with a cheap-shot use of a quote taken entirely out of context from a Democratic Senate staff member.

I’m not sure where the line gets crossed to become a “negative” campaign, but Dave’s campaign is at such a low level that it would be an embarrassment to serve with him the the Oregon Legislature. I’m proud to serve with Dr. Alan Bates.

Rep. Peter Buckley, Ashland

Vote Richardson

As a mother, voter, worker and Southern Oregonian for 35 years, I support Dennis Richardson. I have known him, his family and the values he has taught his nine children, which have made them uniformly good citizens, productive, and with unquestioned character.

Dennis will bring those same values to the governor's office, to represent all Oregonians, avoid government waste, reduce government intrusion into our lives, and provide quality education without the "throw money at it to fix it" view. Oregon is in the middle of education spenders nationally, yet we are 49th of 50 in graduation rates. That speaks of mismanagement, poor teaching and waste of resources, not a need for more money.

I trust Dennis Richardson to create jobs and make Oregon's economy better. He wants to make Oregon more business-friendly. Vote Richardson for governor.

Chris Smith, Central Point

Vote for Stine

Don't overlook the City Council races. Know your ward and who is running to represent you. The more local the government, the more immediate the impact on your daily life.

Ward 3 in Medford has the opportunity to elect Kevin Stine, an industrious, dedicated veteran who will work hard for all the citizens of Medford. He is committed to giving a voice that is truly representative of his constituents, and has spent the time to prepare to take on the challenge. He believes our city can improve by being more proactive, addressing the concerns of the residents.

Kevin has been going door-to-door and has been to over 1,000 homes listening to his neighbors' concerns. We need City Council members who will work tirelessly to represent us and the city of Medford to the best of their ability. Kevin will do just that. Vote Kevin Stine for City Council.

Sandra Peat, Medford

Bates has integrity

I have known Al Bates for 32 years, as a friend, a colleague, a recipient of his generosity, and an admirer of his willingness to fight for what is right for Oregon and for Jackson County.

His work to improve our schools, expand access to health care for the working poor, promote clean waterways and bring jobs to our region have all been stellar in their intent and their results. Here is a man who knows how to make government work for us all. Here is a man who will not compromise his word.

Here is a man who has proven himself to be worthy of his office. Vote for State Sen. Al Bates.

John Shonerd, D.O., Medford

Don't anoint Falls

So, one of the candidates for sheriff quits, effectively robbing the electorate of a fair election for the office, regardless of how one would have voted. I suggest the commissioners should void the election, appoint an interim sheriff and call for a special election as soon as practicable. (The candidate filing process would start from scratch). It is simply unfair to "anoint" Corey Falls sheriff.

Ted Krempa, Medford

Talbert stands out

In the election for county commissioner, Kevin Talbert stands out as the most qualified candidate.

He has superior administrative and budgetary experience. Through his involvement in numerous Jackson County community development organizations, he has demonstrated his commitment to civic engagement. He brings an understanding of the larger issues facing the county while also being mindful of the nuts and bolts of county government.

I know him to be thoughtful, pragmatic, and above all open-minded. As a nonpartisan county commissioner, he will be responsive to concerns of all Jackson County residents. A vote for Kevin Talbert is a vote for a thriving Jackson County.

Teresa Montgomery, Ashland

 Vote for Dyer

I've known Rick Dyer personally and professionally for 15 years. I have always found Rick to be honest, ethical, forthright and trustworthy. He is intelligent, and his background in business and accounting will make him a great Jackson County commissioner. On Nov. 4, I urge all of the citizens in Jackson County to vote for Rick Dyer for Jackson County commissioner.

Bruce Garetto, Medford

Yes on Measure 90

Measure 90 gives 650,000 non-affiliated Oregon voters a chance to support the best candidates for elected positions. For all Oregon voters, it gives us the choice by elected office to support the best for the job in the primary election. As a non-affiliated voter, I would look forward to this opportunity and urge your yes vote for Measure 90.

William Thorndike, Medford

Election Letters, Oct. 13