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Election Letters, Oct. 14

Two good senators

I give my vote to candidates who represent the people of Oregon, who are not in it for power or money.

We have two senators who have earned their fine reputations by legislating for seniors struggling to keep up with inflation; children in need of food, school supplies, health care; young adults reaching for college degrees; families educating their young; workers fighting for living wages. They are sensitive to the continuing destruction of our environment; the need to save forests to avert climate change or to protect clean water sources for future generations.

Experienced Sen. Alan Bates represents all of us in Salem and will continue to carry many vital issues for our area and Oregon. Just saying “no” is not legislating, and Jeff Merkley, junior senator for Oregon, never flags in his attempts to push positive, important bills past the naysayers in Washington.

Gail Beason, Talent

Restore sanity

To drive down the wages of hardworking Oregonians, the Democratic controlled Legislature passed Senate Bill 833 in October of 2013 to issue driver cards to illegal aliens. Governor Kitzhaber gleefully signed the bill and it was scheduled to take effect in 2014.

But Oregonians For Immigration Reform (OFIR) launched a campaign to save the Oregon worker. They sponsored a ballot initiative, Ballot Measure 88. It will appear on the ballot in November. A NO vote on the measure strikes down this odious law. Implementation has been put on hold until a decision has been rendered by the voters.

To find out more about the original legislation or the ballot measure, access the OFIR website at: www.oregonir.org/ This is an opportunity for rank-and-file citizen to stand up for the Oregon worker and restore sanity to both the workplace and the streets and highways of Oregon.

Robert Bennett, Grants Pass

Vote for Dyer

I have known Rick Dyer for over 25 years. He is a tireless worker and very ethical with a strong sense of right and wrong and a high level of integrity.

Rick has lived in the Rogue Valley for over 40 years. He graduated from SOC (SOU) with a degree in accounting and business administration, very useful for working through the county’s budget issues. He also possesses a law degree, invaluable for analyzing proposed legislation for its impact on Jackson County.

He currently runs a small business specializing in energy and construction, so he’s well aware of the day-to-day problems that small business owners face. He is married and has a 10-year-old son attending Medford schools, so he can appreciate the importance of education for the citizens of tomorrow.

For all these reasons, I urge you to join me in voting for Rick Dyer for Jackson County commissioner.

Bill Freda, Medford

Re-elect all

As a former Phoenix budget committee member, first I would commend the current mayor and city councilors for the prudent job of balancing the budget. I would also thank them for not wasting the citizens money buying old houses to fix up at great expense.

That type of thinking was what originally put the city in deep debt. I appreciate the thought and good judgment in their marijuana decisions while waiting clarification from the state.

What I don’t appreciate is much of the “sour grapes” from a very few that have sought and failed by large margins to become the decision-makers for the city. The noise-makers that continually try to make it look like the elected council doesn't speak for the majority. I believe the current mayor and councilors are listening to their constituents and I will vote to re-elect all for Phoenix. Keep up the good work!

Gary Reed, Phoenix

Return Bates

Please consider returning Dr Bates to the Oregon Senate. A veteran and a physician who has been practicing in our community for more than 30 years, he is a listener, able to hear all points of view — a trait that has led to votes on a range of issues that benefit Oregonians.

Perhaps his bipartisan representation is from his experience. He spent 10 years on the Eagle Point School Board and two years on the Governor’s Task Force on Education.

As a retired teacher, I appreciate that he has held many town halls, has an open door in Salem and has taken my perspective into account in representing me. Does he always do what I want? No, but the good news is that he does not just vote the party line, he votes an informed conscience.

Join me in returning Dr. Bates to Salem to continue working for Oregon.

Judy Richards, Talent

We need Bates

As a retired Medford teacher, I have found our state senator, Dr. Alan Bates, to be a good friend of education! He served on the Eagle Point School Board from 1990-2001. He has a long history working tirelessly for schools in Oregon.

Our state has undergone many economic problems. Dr. Bates has worked to resolve differences in the Senate over financing by stabilizing funding for Oregon's K-12 public schools (SB 5519). An advocate of higher education, he is working to make it more affordable through the Oregon Opportunity Initiative (SJR 1). Caring for all students, he helped form partnerships with businesses and labor organizations through Career and Technical Education Grants (SB 498). We have more work to do. Dr. Alan Bates is a true partner with citizens interested in improving Oregon's educational opportunities. We need Al Bates to continue in the Oregon State Senate. Please join me in voting for Al!

Jean Louise Morgan, Ashland

We need Roberts

Colleen Roberts is what we need in this county: someone who will rein in spending and give representative oversight. The Republican ex-commissioners who endorsed her opponent should be ashamed for choosing their own pockets over their principles.

Colby Olsen, White City

Elect Lane

After working in local government for over seven years, I know the importance of having policy-makers committed to the service of the community, and possessing the skills necessary to examine issues from various perspectives. Donna Lane has the character, experience and intelligence required for the job.

Donna Lane, PhD, has been my neighbor for nearly eight years. Her intelligence, pragmatic nature and compassion are evident in the way she lives. She provides unending support to her students as a professor of business at SOU, and is always willing to help a neighbor in need.

Donna has made the effort to meet her neighbors in Ward 4 by tirelessly visiting door to door, and learning from other public servants about the issues facing Medford today.

Her commitment to achieving a stronger workforce, vibrant downtown, and clean and inviting Bear Creek is inspiring. Elect Donna Lane, city council member Ward 4, Medford.

Heidi Hill, Medford

Ads tell half-truths

Dave Dotterrer said "I'm not going negative." Then he immediately went negative in his campaign against Alan Bates. He defends his ads as truthful. Fact is, they're full of just half-truths.

Two of the more egregious half-truthful claims Dotterrer has made are that Senator Bates voted for "significant cuts in education." The truth? Dr. Bates voted for reduction of less than 1 percent. Dotterrer says Senator Bates "voted to close our only state school for the blind." The whole truth? Dr. Bates voted to close the school and sell the property, with proceeds going to fund programs for the blind in their home school districts.

Dave Dotterrer is a member of Rotary, and Rotarians pledge themselves to tell the truth in whatever they say and do. But Dotterrer's ads are full of half-truths, and telling only half the story is being dishonest and untruthful.

Vote for the whole truth: Bates!

Donald Stone, Ashland

Election Letters, Oct. 14