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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 15

Save Railroad Park

The nicest thing that Medford has to offer tourists and local families is Railroad Park.

It took years of love, toil and sacrifice by volunteers to create this gem in a slagheap. During that time, the City Council did the only helpful thing that they could do — stay out of the way.

Now that same City Council has decided to make a move that could turn a wonderful park into a hobo jungle.

I have a suggestion that could possibly save Railroad Park. Have the City Council members feed the homeless in their own front yards four times a month. 

Ron Smith, Medford

Stop the pipeline

Concerned about our dependence on foreign fuels, Americans have been insisting that we drill and deliver our oil and gas reserves to achieve lower energy costs and encourage return of industry and manufacturing jobs to our country.

In recent years production has increased, energy independence and lower prices becoming a reality. But now most Americans have chosen to turn their backs and ignore the energy industry moguls preparing to sell off our future to Communist Red China.

Sen. Ron Wyden voted in favor to permit the U.S. gas resources to be sold to non-free-trade countries when it has been shown that the profits domestically from this export will go to a very few and powerful people. The vast industrial machine in Asia will continue to grow stronger on our nation's life blood.

If you are 65 or younger you will probably bear witness to the gutting of our nation, you will be here when your children start asking, "Why didn't we stop this?" The corporations attempting to build this pipeline to Coos Bay would build a pipeline to feed the fires of hell, if they could strike a deal with the devil.

Invest in America, stop the pipeline.

Chris Mathas, Butte Falls

Kochs vilified for virtues

Doug Dusenberry asks, “Why the war on the Koch Brothers” (MT Sept. 22). I’ll tell you why. The Koch brothers are a threat to the ideology of the progressive left with their use of coercion through government to obtain their goals of wealth redistribution, limiting freedom of speech and pursuit of power and control over others.

The Koch brothers are being vilified for their virtues of independence, benevolence, productiveness, love of liberty and their stand against government-business cronyism. The attacks are examples of hatred of the good for being the good.

I agree with Karen Asche (Sept. 27): The Koch brothers are greedy. They are greedy for liberty, justice, free markets and to raise our standard of living by creating wealth for everyone through capitalism.

Gordon W. Dickerson, Medford

Breath of fresh air

Colleen Roberts is a breath of fresh air in the political arena. When asked a question, she answers it. She does not equivocate with complex sentences containing meaningless descriptors and endless qualifiers that result in ambiguity, uncertainty and confusion.

Colleen tells you what she thinks and the values she lives her life by. She has not changed her position. Colleen thoughtfully and thoroughly investigates issues and looks beyond the partisan claims. When the figures don’t add up, she asks why. When citizens are treated differently or inequitably, Colleen is not afraid to investigate.

Aren’t you tired of raising taxes of every kind every year? Aren’t you weary of asking for permission for every move you make? Wouldn’t you like to see better management of Jackson County’s resources and decreasing governmental intrusion? Colleen offers citizen representation for more freedom in Jackson County.

Susan Kobes, Gold Hill

Look in the mirror

So the timber industry wants to assign blame for this summer's wildfires? They might start by taking a hard look in the mirror. The Oregon Gulch fire blasted through untreated logging slash and dense young fiber plantations. The Beaver fire near the Klamath River exploded across a heavily logged landscape pockmarked with clearcuts and logging roads. In contrast, initial fire severity reports indicate that fire-resilient old-growth trees burned at a much lower severity.

At a time when we should be pulling together to help make homes and communities more fire resilient, it's a shame that the radical wing of the timber industry is twisting the facts and playing politics.

George Sexton, Phoenix

Raise the minimum wage

Women across Oregon work hard to support themselves and their families. But when wages are too low, hard work isn’t enough to make ends meet. As a result, women who work for minimum wage struggle to pay for housing, food, gas and many other things a family needs.

Two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women, and many have kids at home. A single mom working full-time for minimum wage takes home less than $19,000 a year. That’s not nearly enough to pay for necessities, let alone to save for her family’s future.

Service jobs are vital for our communities, and the people who do these jobs deserve to make a decent living. No one who works full-time should live in poverty. Let’s raise the minimum wage so that all working families in Oregon have a fair shot at getting ahead.

Kristi Wright, Ashland

Impressed with bus service

I recently flew into Medford for a three-week visit. During that time I used the Rogue Valley Transportation District system many times. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the buses, the frequency of the buses, the ease of using the bus system and the courteousness and helpfulness of the drivers and dispatchers. The bus system is a huge asset to the valley and the Rogue Valley should be proud to have established it. Kudos to the Rogue Valley Transportation District!

S. Smith, Sun City, Ariz.

Roberts backed law breaker

Colleen Roberts vocally supported a notorious Eagle Point water thief, demonstrating that she either doesn't understand water law, or she advocates breaking the law. Either way, she shouldn't be a county commissioner.

Luckily, we have a very good alternative in Kevin Talbert, who will bring a much more considered approach to the job. That's why he has earned endorsements from Democrats and Republicans alike, including present and former commissioners who know what it takes to do the job well. Vote for Talbert; our county will be the better for it.

Jay Stockton, Central Point

Dyer's priorities ideal

We are writing in support of Rick Dyer for Jackson County commissioner. We have known Rick for years in the capacity of coach, business owner and friend. Our kids have played sports together, Rick has coached our son in various sports, and the dedication Rick shows to balancing his work and personal life is to be celebrated.

He is kind, patient and intelligent. He thinks of all sides of an issue and faces challenges calmly and efficiently. When elected, he will continue to focus on family and community — ideal priorities for this position.

Join us and vote Rick Dyer for county commissioner!

Brad and Amber Warren, Medford

Sentence was not enough

In the Oct. 5 paper, I saw an article about a man who broke a cat's back and received 10 days in jail, plus probation. The cat had to be euthanized, no kidding.

This reminded me of a movie called "Susie's Hope" about the difference between laws concerning property damage and animal damage. The law in that state was changed from no prison time for abusing an animal to two years prison time for that particular offense. The article I read in Sunday's paper related animal abuse to baby abuse. What would be the charges if he had broken a baby's back or if he had broken someone's furniture?

That poor cat not only lost its life, but underwent extreme pain and fear. I believe that the offender deserved more than 10 days prison time.

Cheryl Young, Central Point

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 15